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if(!defined('SETUPINC')) die('Kwaheri!');
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            <h1 style="color:#FF7700;">osTicket is already installed?</h1>
            <div id="intro">
             <p>Configuration file already changed - which could mean osTicket is already installed or the config file is currupted. If you are trying to upgrade osTicket, then go to <a href="../scp/" >Admin Panel</a>.</p>

             <p>If you believe this is in error, please try replacing the config file with a unchanged template copy and try again or get technical help.</p>
             <p>Refer to the <a target="_blank" href="http://osticket.com/wiki/Installation">Installation Guide</a> on the wiki for more information.</p>
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            <h3>Need Help?</h3>
            We provide <u>professional installation services</u> and commercial support with guaranteed response times, and access to the core development team. <a target="_blank" href="http://osticket.com/support/professional_services.php">Learn More!</a>
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