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<title>ORS Listing Signups</title>
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            <p align="center"><img src="images/listuser.jpg" width="403" height="117"></p>
            <p><span class="text">The action menu items &quot;User Signups&quot; 
              and &quot;Resource Signups&quot; list signups by user (i.e. list 
              all signups for a given user, shown above) or by resource (i.e. 
              list all signups for a given resource, shown below)</span></p>
            <p align="center"><span class="text"><img src="images/listresource.jpg" width="470" height="244"></span></p>
            <p align="left"><span class="text">When listing signups for a given 
              resource, the list can be limited to a specific resource and/or 
              a specific date range. The default date range is all future signups, 
              but past signups can also be listed (depending on scheduler settings). 
              For help with entering dates, click [help with dates] link on the 
              resource signup page. Administrators may also view a Bill Report 
              which includes No-Shows and other unusual signup action over the 
              requested time period.</span></p>
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