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<title>ORS Alternate Signups</title>
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            <p><img src="images/alternate.jpg" width="380" height="422" align="right"> 
              <i><span class="text">[Not available on all scheduling systems]<br>
              </span></i><span class="text">On some schedules, you can sign up 
              as an &#147;alternate&#148; to another user&#146;s primary signup 
              on a resource for a given time. The alternate will be promoted to 
              primary if the original primary cancels before the start time of 
              your alternate signup. If you have a valid e-mail address stored 
              with your user information, you will receive an e-mail when the 
              promotion occurs.</span></p>
              <li><span class="text">Enter/click the start and end times as you 
                would for a standard signup. (A)</span></li>
              <li><span class="text">Note that this is an alternate (B). To accept 
                signup, click &#147;Sign-up&#148; (C). To cancel, click &#147;Clear&#148;.</span></li>
            <p class="footnote">Hints:<br>
              <li>To move the signup to a different resource, simply click the 
                new resource in the list. The list of available resources can 
                be limited to only those resources for which this signup is would 
                be a primary signup by clicking &#147;List Available Only&#148; 
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