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Originator (tm) opensource RPG Rapid Development Tool


Project Goal: Create an opensource website that runs remotely AND locally (with Apache/PHP/MySQL) which allows users to 
both play and create RPG stories (including dialog, choices, etc.).

For more information see 

	- Framework DONE
	- Basic HTML, Login, Browsing - In Process, 80% ETA - 2/21/2010
	- Create User Accounts - In Process, 90% - 2/21/2010
		- Edit User Accounts - LOW Priority
		- Admin User Accounts - LOW Priority
	- Create Stories - TODO 
		- Create Characters
		- Create Chapters
		- Create Locations
		- Create Scenes, Conversations 
		- Play Scenes
		- Create Items
		- Display Decision Tree
	- Search Stories - TODO
		- Play Game 
			- Save Game
			- Load and Play Saved Game
	- Collaboration - TODO
	- Export

Site Framework
I created my own MVC lightweight development framework
- Very little error handling because I want to focus my time on features, not errors.
- HTML display is all done through Smarty, which is fat but gets the job done

Each execution of the URL goes through index.php
 - p AKA Page is a functional area 

- op is an operation to be done
	-  defaults to usually display, usually

- db and session are singletons which you don't instantiate, I have no user object, 
	but store logged in user data as part of the session. Thus use session:get() 
	or db::query rather than $db = new db; $db->query.
	The DB is a PDO object. 

- Flags (user permissions and/or game flags) are done through simple bitmasks. 


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