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	A Scene is a specific interaction between a Player.
		May have a LOCATION
		May have One or More NPCs
		May have One or More Props
	This class CREATES, DISPLAYS and EDITS Scenes.  It does not PLAY them. 

	If you're looking for PLAYING a scene, see playscene.php.


require 'sql_scene.sql'; // this is the "stored proc" for anything related to a scene

class scene {
	public converse = array(); //
	public npcs = array(); // characters in the scene 
	public function toString() {

class page extends pageParent {
	public $template = 'scene.html'; // default page
	public $location = false;
	public $npcs = array();
	public $props = array();
	public function execute(
		switch $op {
			case "edit":
			case "create":
			case "display":

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