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// this function threads comments so that you can trace a comment 
// "conversation".
function thread($post_id, $parent_id) {
	$commentlist = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM comments WHERE entry=$post_id and parent=$parent_id;");
	// if we have comments to display, display them, if not, exit.
	if ($commentlist != NULL) {
		echo "<ul>"; // the <ul> is what creates the indent
		while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_array($commentlist)) {
			echo "<!-- comment ".$myrow["id"]." -->\n<li><h2>Comment posted by ".$myrow["poster"]."</h2><p>".$myrow["comment"]."</p><p><a href='newcomment.php?post=".$post_id."&amp;parent=".$myrow["id"]."'>Reply to this comment</a></p></li>\n";
			thread($post_id, $myrow["id"]); // run through 
			// the function again, this is what creates the 
			// threading effect
		echo "</ul>";
// check we have a valid post to display comments for		
$post = $_GET["post"];
if ($post != "" && is_numeric($post)) {
	include "db.inc";
	$result2 = mysql_query("SELECT title, entry FROM entries where id=$post");
	$entry = mysql_fetch_array($result2);
	// if the entry requested exists, display it, then display the 
	// comments
	if ($entry != NULL) {
		echo "<h1>".$entry["title"]."</h1>\n<p>".$entry["entry"]."</p>\n<a href='newcomment.php?post=$post'>Comment on this entry</a>\n<hr />\n";
		thread($post, 0);
	// if the post doesn't exist, say so
	} else {
		echo "This post appears not to exist, sorry.";
// if the post reference was invalid for any reason, say so
} else {
	echo "No post reference was supplied or post reference was invalid.";
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