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What has been change in V1.3?

* Made changes to payment method, user don’t need to do anything just need to enter they email address which will received money
*Added Basic and advance search.
*Added Recommend Jobs once user apply for job.
*Added Application History on home page
*Added Show CV on home page
*Added Company logo on job details page.
*Added pagination on Browse by location, company and category
*Added full location on job details.
*Added some error messages for logon.
*Added employee/employer logon states message e.g. Pending, Rejected
*Search with City, States and County
*Added Country in Search form.
*Added Receiving Confirmation on order complete.
*Added free option for payment.
*Updated Language Pack

What has been removed?
*Remove previous version of payment method.
*Removed all style of search.
*Removed old home page (employee).
*Removed old confirm order (employer)

Fix all know problems with previous version.

Thank you.
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