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    <title>Long description of ascii art chart</title>

    <h1>Long description of ascii art chart</h1>

<P>This chart indicates the percentage of photosensitive patients in
whom a photoconvulsive response was elicited by a 2 second train of
flashes with eyes open and closed. The chart is constructed with ASCII
characters to illustrate the concept of ASCII art.

<P>The vertical axis indicates the percentage (ranging from 0 to 100%)
of patients who had a photoconvulsive response. The horizontal axis
indicates the flash frequency (ranging from 0 to 70 Hz).

<P>The graph indicates that the greatest sensitivity (eyes open or
closed) is at 20 Hz with a steep drop off at higher and lower
frequencies, with the data ending at about 5 Hz and 60 Hz.

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