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	Released 25 November 2008
	HTML inside comments now getting handled correctly (Thanks to Matthew Ross)
	Orphaned closing elements now not interfering with parent element calculations (thanks to Scoop.co.nz)
	Rule 6.3 now carries the correct header in the final report (NZ guidelines)
	Typo fixed in stylesheet parser for inline style elements
	Stylesheet parser now ignores any <link> element missing a type attribute (thanks to Ingo)
	MarkContent now accepts 'auto' as a width
	CSS expressions now handled correctly
	Minor API changes under the hood
	Support for caching stylesheets
	Basis for spidering entire sites started
	hasParent function created
	AJAX loading screen refactored, now actually makes sense!  It's also twice as fast (no kidding).
	Released 21 January 2008
	Bug fixed for HTML where the last tag does not close, ie "<td cellp" (found in corrupt pages)
	CDATA elements now handled correctly
	Doctype element now a special case for attribute detection
	parse_stylesheets function rewritten to handle nested @imports better
	Stylesheet parsing login rewritten to handle mixed use of <style>, <link> and inline styles correctly
	Better detection of CSS hacks (thanks to dailymail.co.uk)
	getComputedStyle expanded, now handles conversion of relative units
	getComputedStyle now handles em and ex units based on estimated font sizes
	Percentage count on ajax loading screen fixed (now actually reaches 100%!)
	Most (all?) instances of array keys (ie, key($array)) converted to foreach($something, $key=>$val)
	RGB colours in CSS shortcuts now handled correctly
	Fancy new content detection function should identify content of page rather than links, promos etc (experimental)
	Reverting a user check or 'could not check' back to unchecked status was not deleting any notes in the Table of Contents
	Ajax loading page now shows status in reverse order, latest items at top (NZ guidelines)
	is_content_good() function now takes into consideration the Content-Type header
	Pages which generate too many errors during the AJAX loading screen now redirect to the non-ajax method
	Tables within tables now handled properly for parent element purposes (thanks CNN.com)
	Commented code cleaned out
	@imports tracked to prevent infinite recursion issues
	Stylesheets can now be serialised and attached to the HTML in a special element (<merged_css>) for retrieval later
	Class variables changed from var to public/private
	innerText now takes elementIndices to be ignored, as well as tagnames
	isParent, isChild functions created
	Released 20th July 2007
	'User check required' and 'not checked' icon fixed (accidentally reverted to smiley 'pass' icon
	Fix for domains ending with no slash (thanks to stuff.co.nz)
	Print stylesheet now user customisable through nav bar
	Fadeout effect fixed for some instances of Firefox opacity issues
	Users can now mark 'user checks' and 'could not be checked' as being checked
	Reload issue for Firefox when anchor present fixed
	Empty alt text on small images is ok (height and width less than 10 pixels)
	Long headers now get warnings instead of failures 
	Relative unit check ignores margins, paddings, and positioning meaurements (top, left, bottom, right)
	Font size in print stylesheet reduced (NZ guidelines)
	Unnecessary text removed from print version (NZ guidelines)
	Borders in the CSS parser were not being properly detected
	Border shorthand CSS property now fully expanded to border-top-width, border-top-style etc...
	Border-top, border-right, border-bottom, border-left now stores information correctly
	Released 31st May 2007
	Credits included in about page
	WAI 3.5 and NZ 3.2 rule text changed
	AJAX loading page created for NZ rules
	All guides, rationales and good practice descriptions hidden by default
	Print stylesheet created
	New Table of Contents created for NZ results
	Minor bugs for specificity array entries fixed
	Snoopy rewritten for https support
	Basic alert box replaced with HTML version in NZ results
	Constructor function in each parse.class.php file, which holds the basic parser init. functions
	Janola.js file included in the default/html directory
	File not found page created
	Option for disabling ajax screen included for NZ results
	Released 7th May 2007
	Next/Previous links now in action in NZ template
	get_extension sometimes returns false, and rules did not detect this.
	get_extension path detection fixed (thank you cnn.com)
	access key detection now includes input elements (thank you e.govt.nz)
	NZ guidelines theme fixed up for IE 6 & 7
	NZ guidelines 22.1 fixed for reporting on fieldsets that have correct legend elements (courtesy slashdot.org)
	innerText now takes an array of elements to ignore
	@imports now being properly detected
	/default/footer.php file created and shared across all (both) templates
	a proper specificity method for stylesheets has been implemented.... it's nice yes?
	WAI unit tests now created
	Various small bugs fixed for WAI checkpoints
	innerHTML now has optional $strip_comments parameter
	parent element discovery fixed for block elements inside form elements
	All parser constants moved to parser.core.class
	Output should be valid HTML
	Form parameters renamed (action => type, uri => url)
	Released 8th April 2007
	Checkpoint 3.4 fixed for mixes of inline and stylesheet styles
	Constants moved into the rules.php file that they are relevant to
	Main parse.class moved to parse.core.class and each set of guidelines now extend from this
	Checkpoint 1.1 fixed for applet checks, tested against NZ_S_1_1
	Non-standard block elements ignored in get_parent_elements (<tr> elements for example)
	All NZ rules have test pages available
	href function now fixed for opening and trailing spaces (thank you e.govt.nz)
	Common extensions now include .story (thank you LATimes.com)
	All instances of failures or warnings that do not have an element to highlight have a default info field (NZ rules only)
	NZ guidelines now updated to reflect version 1.0 of the Website Standards & Recommendations
	Snappy new main page included
	Footer included on report

	Released 15th February 2007
	Checkpoint numbers now included alongside text

	Released 14th February 2007
	PHP include paths fixed

	Released 13th February 2007
	HTML tags stripped from legend title attribute in final report
	Queries.php merged with basic_functions.php
	Directory structure reorganised
	Acknowledgements altered to include famfamfam
	Footer now includes link to Accessware
	Code tidied up

0.9 Initial release
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