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; <?php exit('direct access denied') ?>

; E-Mail Settings

; Does your server send e-mails?
; 'true' or 'false'

; The "from"-Adress. Creates a "From: "-Header.
; This is not neccecary. Hint: Most MTAs require a valid email adress.
;from="OpenRat <hide@address.com>"

; This signature is appended at the end of a mail. Use ';' for line-breaks.
; A useful information is maybe the URL of your OpenRat installation.

; Copy Recipient

; Blind Copy recipient

; Priority of the mail (creates an "X-Priority"-Header)
; 1=Highest, 2=High, 3=Normal, 4=Low, 5=Lowest
; Hint: Most MUAs ignore this header.

; Non-7-bit-chars are not allowed in Mailheaders (see RFC 822, 2045, 2047)
; and must be encoded. Openrat supports 3 types of encoding:
; 'Quoted-printable' (default),
; 'Base64'
; '' (blank) no encoding.

; Which SMTP client you want to use.
; 'php' : Internal PHP function mail().
; 'smtp': OpenRat internal SMTP-client
; If unsure, use the builtin PHP function. 

; Whitelist
; A comma-seperated list of domains names
whitelist = ""

; Blacklist
; A comma-seperated list of domain names
blacklist = ""

; Settings for the internal SMTP client.
; If client='php', you have no need to change anything in this section.

; Relay host
; It is useful, to have your own relay host, as servers doing greylisting
; *will* deny our smtp try.
; If this is blank, the mail is delivered directly to the destination MX host.
; I repeat, it is better to always use a relay host!

; SMTP-Port is '25' in most environments

; SMTP Authentication
; (only needed if using a relay host)
; (FYI: The client makes use of the SMTP "AUTH LOGIN" method.

; Timeout in seconds

; Your fully-qualified hostname (FQDN)
; if empty, Openrat will use your simple hostname

; Use TLS
; The client will send a "STARTTLS" command after HELO.
; TLS is not tested, use at your own risk!

; Use SSL
; The client will connection using the SSL-protocol.
; This is not tested, use at your own risk!
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