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; <?php exit('direct access denied') ?>

; Openrat is able to check passwords against a LDAP-based directory.
; see file "security.ini.php" for relating infos.

; Hostname of your LDAP server.

; TCP-Port of your LDAP server.  

; Protocol-Version
; Set this to '2' or '3'.

; The format of the DN
; If blank, the DN is automatically searched in the LDAP tree (see section "search").
; for using LDAP authentication, /security/auth/type has to be set to "ldap"!
;dn = "uid={user},ou=users,dc=example,dc=com" 
dn = ""; 

; Settings for authentication against a LDAP directory
; This is only activated, if the setting '/security/auth/type' is 'ldap'.

; use of anonymous bind ('true' or 'false')
; if 'true', the following user and password settings are ignored.
anonymous = true

; if 'anonymous' is 'false': DN of technical user for searching the real user DN
user      = "uid=openrat,ou=users,dc=example,dc=com"

; if 'anonymous' is 'false': password of technical user
password  = "verysecret"

; Base-DN of the subtree where the search begins
basedn    = "dc=example,dc=com"

; Filter setting for searching the user objects.
; The string {user} will be replaced by the user name.
filter    = "(uid={user})"

; Aliases are dereferenced ('true' or 'false')
aliases   = true

; Timeout in seconds
timeout   = 30

; If the user is found in the LDAP tree, but is not yet stored in the internal database.
; 'true'  the user will be logged in and automatically inserted in the internal database.
; 'false' login will be rejected, all users must exist in the internal database.
add       = true

; The user-group-relation can be read out of the LDAP tree.
; For using this, /security/authorize/type must be "ldap".

; Search filter for reading the groups a user belongs to.

; LDAP attribute name of the name of the group

; Add groups found in LDAP (but not known in the internal database) automatically into database?
; If 'false', the LDAP groups cannot be used!
auto_add = true
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