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; <?php exit('direct access denied') ?>

; In Application-Mode all window-borders and window-titles are disabled.
; This is useful, if you are using something like "Mozilla Prism" and
; want OpenRat to look more like a native application.
; Default=false 

; width of navigation frame (tree)
; (actually outdated!)
tree_width = "25%" 

; The seperator char between directory names
file_separator = " &raquo; " 

; be aware: if 'true' you need special rewrite rules in a .htaccess file!
; If unsure, say "false" here.
nice_urls = false        

; In most environments this setting is "false"
url_sessionid        = false

; Theme
; At the moment, der is only "default" available.
theme = "default"

; Show request duration on every page. Only useful for developers.
show_duration = false

; Request timeout in seconds (blank=system default)
; This sets the PHP time limit for an Request.
timeout =              

; Replace the default title (Program name+version) with this text
; If blank, the default is "OpenRat {Version}".
override_title =

; Minimal Width of the browser window. If smaller, then tree is initally disabled.
min_width            = 950

; Use redirects before going to view (actually in testing)
; If unsure, say "false" here.
redirect = false        

; Use of human date format
; looks like "3 years ago", or "7 months ago"
human_date_format = false

; Settings for colors and fonts.

; The default style which is used, when no user is logged in.
; 'default' is the classic Openrat style.

; 'system' uses system colors from the client (nice choice)

; Settings for preferences (under "Administration")

; If you have an online editor for editing the .ini-files you can put the URL here.
; Security belongs to the 3rd-party editor! Openrat only creates a link to this url!
; Set to '' (blank) for disabling this.

; Enable "preferences"-menu

; show system settings (operating system, system time, ...)

; show PHP settings

; show a list of PHP extensions (without any details)

; Frameset settings

; Logical name of top-frame. Change this, if you want Openrat running in another parent frameset

; Manipulating the URL of Openrat.

; faking urls
; for faking urls you HAVE TO create a url rewriting rule!
; If unsure, set to "false"
fake_url = false

; If the entry filename is the index file of the directory, set this to true.
; This enables urls like "path/to/openrat/?a=1&b=2" and hides PHP.
; only useful, if fake_url=false
; if unsure, set to 'false' (default)
index = false

; abc,xyz.1
;url_format= "%s,%s.%i"

; looks like Jakarta Struts: abc,xyz,1.do
url_format= "%s,%s,%d.do"

; You can create funny urls which look like asp,jsp,jsf and other crap :)
; Hint: Hiding the PHP interpreter *can* increase security.
; But remember, Security by obscurity is lame :)

; add the session ID as an URL-Parameter.
; useful, if you do not want cookies and trans_sid is not installed.
; if unsure, set to "false"
add_sessionid = false

; Use gravatar images
; see www.gravator.com for details


; Session-related settings

; auto-extend the session while the browser is still open.
; if 'true', the title frame will be refreshed automatically
; 1 minute before the session times out.
; Because this is maybe unsecure, the default setting is 'false'. 
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