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// fetch config
$config = $config2 = unserialize($_POST["config"]);

// merge existing configuration with new one
$config = array_merge($wakkaConfig, $config);

// remove config values for whatever reason

// set version to current version, yay!
$config["wakka_version"] = WAKKA_VERSION;

// convert config array into PHP code
$double_backslash = '\\\\';
$single_quote = '\'';
$configCode = "<?php\n// wikka.config.php written at ".strftime("%c")."\n// do not change wikka_version manually!\n\n\$wakkaConfig = array(\n";
foreach ($config as $k => $v)
	$entries[] = "\t'".$k."' => '".preg_replace('/['.$double_backslash.$single_quote.']/', $double_backslash.'$0', $v)."'"; // #5
$configCode .= implode(",\n", $entries).");\n?>";

// try to write configuration file
print("<h2>Writing configuration</h2>\n");
test("Writing configuration file <tt>".$wakkaConfigLocation."</tt>...", $fp = @fopen($wakkaConfigLocation, "w"), "", 0);

if ($fp)
	fwrite($fp, $configCode);
	// write
	print("<p>That's all! You can now <a href=\"".$config["base_url"]."\">return to your Wikka site</a>. However, you are advised to remove write access to <tt>wikka.config.php</tt> again now that it's been written. Leaving the file writable can be a security risk!</p>");
	// complain
	print("<p><span class=\"failed\">WARNING:</span> The configuration file <tt>".$wakkaConfigLocation."</tt> could not be written. You will need to give your web server temporary write access to either your wakka directory, or a blank file called <tt>wikka.config.php</tt> (<tt>touch wikka.config.php ; chmod 666 wikka.config.php</tt>; don't forget to remove write access again later, ie <tt>chmod 644 wikka.config.php</tt>). If, for any reason, you can't do this, you'll have to copy the text below into a new file and save/upload it as <tt>wikka.config.php</tt> into the Wikka directory. Once you've done this, your Wikka site should work. If not, please visit <a href=\"http://wikkawiki.org/WikkaInstallation\">Wikka:WikkaInstallation</a>.</p>\n");
	<form action="<?php echo myLocation() ?>?installAction=writeconfig" method="post">
	<input type="hidden" name="config" value="<?php echo htmlspecialchars(serialize($config2)) ?>" />
	<input type="submit" value="Try again" />
	print("<xmp>".$configCode."</xmp>\n"); //TODO: replace xmp and make code block downloadable

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