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 * Display the page source, slightly formatted for viewing.
 * @package		Handlers
 * @subpackage	Page
 * @name		Showcode
 * @author		{@link http://wikkawiki.org/JsnX JsnX} (first draft)
 * @author		{@link http://wikkawiki.org/DarTar Dario Taraborelli} (code cleanup, i18n strings and DB check)
 * @version		0.3
 * @since		Wikka
 * @output		Wiki source of current page (if it exists).
 * @todo			- move structural elements to templating class;
 *				- create GeSHi highlighter for Wikka markup; #144

// i18n strings
if(!defined('SOURCE_HEADING')) define('SOURCE_HEADING', '=== Formatting code for [[%s]] ==='); //TODO: check for consistency with other handlers (formatting code vs. source vs. markup)
if(!defined('RAW_LINK_LABEL')) define('RAW_LINK_LABEL', 'show source only');
if(!defined('ERROR_NOT_EXISTING_PAGE')) define('ERROR_NOT_EXISTING_PAGE', 'Sorry, this page doesn\'t exist.');
if(!defined('ERROR_NO_READ_ACCESS')) define('ERROR_NO_READ_ACCESS', 'Sorry, you aren\'t allowed to read this page.');

echo '<div class="page">'."\n";//TODO: move to templating class

//check if page exists
if ($this->ExistsPage($this->tag))
	//check if user has read access
	if ($this->HasAccess('read'))
		// display raw page, slightly formatted for viewing
		echo $this->Format(sprintf(SOURCE_HEADING.' --- ', $this->tag));
		echo '(<a href="'.$this->href('raw').'">'.RAW_LINK_LABEL.'</a>)<br /><br />';
		echo '<tt>'.nl2br($this->htmlspecialchars_ent($this->page["body"], ENT_QUOTES)).'</tt>';
		echo '<em class="error">'.ERROR_NO_READ_ACCESS.'</em>';
	echo '<em class="error">'.ERROR_NOT_EXISTING_PAGE.'</em>';

echo '</div>';//TODO: move to templating class
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