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Third-party software bundled with Wikka

Wikka bundles a number of third-party packages to provide some of its
functionality. All these open-source packages are either released under
GPL (GNU General Public License) or a compatible Open Source license.

In order to keep Wikka's installed footprint small, as well as limit the
download size, some files in the original third-party package - such as
large documentation files - may not have been included. For normal
operation of Wikka these files aren't needed since Wikka already provides
the integration. In addition, you may already have some of these available
on your system, so this eliminates some needless duplication. Should you
want to modify Wikka, or the way it integrates with a third-party package,
you may need the full documentation though; the overview of Wikka's
third-party packages (below) provides you with the information you need to
download the full package or contact the author. The software is written
in PHP unless indicated otherwise.

Name       : WikiEdit
Bundled    : Version 2 (2.01/2.15)
Description: GUI toolbar for editing Wiki pages (requires JavaScript)
For Wikka  : Scripts are modified for Wikka syntax, toolbar is activated
             through the configuration file
License    : BSD
Home page  : http://wackowiki.com/WikiEdit/
Author     : Roman Ivanov: thingol [at] mail [dot] ru

Name       : SafeHTML
Bundled    : Version 1.2.0
Description: A parser that strips down all potentially dangerous content
             within HTML
For Wikka  : Used by formatter to handle embedded HTML (between ""..."")
License    : BSD
Home page  : http://pixel-apes.com/safehtml
Author     : Roman Ivanov: thingol [at] mail [dot] ru
Note       : License file missing in the current distribution

Name       : GeSHi
Bundled    : version 1.0.4
Description: Generic Syntax Highlighter
For Wikka  : Used by formatter to provide syntax highlighting in code
             blocks (between %%...%%)
License    : GNU General Public License (GPL)
Home page  : http://qbnz.com/highlighter/index.php
Author     : Nigel McNie: oracle [dot] shinoda [at] gmail [dot] com

Name       : FreeMind
Bundled    : 0.7.1
Description: Free mind mapping software (requires Java - JRE 1.4.0
For Wikka  : A mind map (in XML format) can be embedded in a page (between
             <map>...</map>); the formatter converts this to a Java applet
             to display the data
License    : GNU General Public License (GPL)
Home page  : http://freemind.sourceforge.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page
Author     : Daniel Polansk√Ĺ (project director):
             dan [dot] polansky [at] seznam [dot] cz - and others

Name       : Onyx RSS
Bundled    : Version 1.3
Description: Open source RSS parser that minimizes bandwidth usage 
For Wikka  : Provides the backend for the {{rss}} action to syndicate
             external RSS feeds into a Wikka page
License    : The MIT License
Home page  : (no longer available)
Author     : Edward R. Swindelles (email no longer available)
Note       : Since the original site no longer exists (the domain is now
             in other hands), there is no longer an official download
             location. The online documentation is still accessible via
             the WayBack Machine; start here:
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