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Just unpack the new distribution archive wherever you need/want it; all you need from
your old Wikka installation is wikka.config.php. You can also just copy the new files
over the old ones, but be careful not to overwrite your old wikka.config.php or
any customizations you may have applied to the source files.

Once the files are in place, browse to your Wikka. The update script should show
up automatically.

Note: before you complete the update script, everybody who will browse to your Wikka
will see it, too. So if you run a relatively high traffic site, you may want to lock
down your Wikka installation temporarily by placing a file called "locked" into your
Wikka directory; once Wikka sees it, it will ask for a username ("admin") and a 
password (whatever you put into that file). Don't forget to remove the "locked" file
once you're done with upgrading!

More details, hopefully, on <http://wikkawiki.org/UpgradeNotes>.
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