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Wikka Installation

Not much to it (as long as it works, ahem). Unpack/upload the distribution files
into a directory that can be accessed via the web. Then go to the corresponding URL.
A web-based installer will walk you through the rest.


If your website, say, http://www.mysite.com, is mapped to the directory /home/jdoe/www/,
and you place the Wikka distribution files into /home/jdoe/www/wikka/, you should go to

Note that Wikka distributions normally unpack into directories that include the version
in their name; you'll probably want to rename those to just "wikka" -- or, if you're
on a unixoid system, set up a symbolic link.

During first installs, the installer will try to create a file called wikka.config.php
in your Wikka directory. In order to do this, you will need to either make the Wikka
directory writable by the web server, or create a new (empty) file called
wikka.config.php which is writable by the web server. If the installer still fails to
create the file, it will dump the file's contents which you can then upload manually.

IMPORTANT: for installing or upgrading Wikka, do NOT access any of the files contained
in the setup/ subdirectory. They're used by the web-based installer/updater, but you
should really just access the Wikka directory itself, and it will (or at least should)
work perfectly.

Detailed instructions are available at <http://wikkawiki.org/WikkaInstallation>.

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