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// Define path info
// This setup assumes the application folder is under the framework folder.
// You need to change this if the framework is in a different location.

// Define the application root (this folder).
// You probably do not need to change this.
// The str_replace() changes back-slashes (\) on windows system to slashes(/)
define('OOO_APP_ROOT', str_replace( '\\', '/', dirname( __FILE__ )));

// Define the framework root.
define('OOO_ROOT', realpath(OOO_APP_ROOT));
// Same level as the application index.php:
// define('OOO_ROOT', OOO_APP_ROOT);
// In a totally different location: 
// define('OOO_ROOT', '/full/path/to/framework/folder');

// Define http server

// Define the path as viewed from the web browser. 
// Use '' for server root, other wise start with /
define('OOO_WEB_ROOT', '');

// Assuming application folder is under server root and no URL rewrite rules.
define('OOO_APP_WEB_ROOT', OOO_WEB_ROOT.'/'.basename(OOO_APP_ROOT));
// Application is same level as server root:
// Application is in some other server path:
// define('OOO_APP_WEB_ROOT', '/full/path/to/application/folder');

// set debug
define('OOO_DEBUG', false);

// define const of db
// Application that need to use database set it to true
define('OOO_USEDB', false);
    define('DB_SERVER', 'localhost');
    define('DB_TYPE', 'mysql');
    define('DB_USERNAME', '');
    define('DB_PASSWORD', '');
    define('DB_NAME', '');

// define const of db
// Application that need to use gacl set it to true
define('OOO_USEGACL', false);

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