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$TEXT['backManage'] = "BackManage";
$TEXT['filemanage'] = "FileManage";
$TEXT['datamanage'] = "DataManage";
$TEXT['adminusers'] = "AdminUsers";
$TEXT['welcome'] = "login in as";
$TEXT['logout'] = "Logout";
$TEXT['frontManage'] = "Front Site Manage";
$TEXT['home'] = "Home";
//$TEXT['blog'] = "Blog Manage";
//$TEXT['forum'] = "Forum Manage";
$TEXT['users'] = "Users";
$TEXT['preview'] = "Preview";
$TEXT['fileDir'] = "File Dir";
$TEXT['picDir'] = "Picture Dir";
$TEXT['backStore'] = "back/store Data";
$TEXT['editPage'] = "Edit Page";
$TEXT['createZH'] = "Create Page";
$TEXT['install'] = "Software";
$TEXT['installwp'] = "Install WordPress";
$TEXT['wpmanage'] = "Wordpress Manage";
$TEXT['installfud'] = "Install Forum";
$TEXT['fudmanage'] = "Forum manage";
$TEXT['installwiki'] = "Install Wiki";
$TEXT['wikimanage'] = "Wiki Manage";
$TEXT['userError'] = "Username Error";
$TEXT['adminLogin'] = "Login backend";
$TEXT['username'] = "Username";
$TEXT['password'] = "Password";
$TEXT['login'] = "Login";
$TEXT['reset'] = "Reset";
$TEXT['logoutAccess'] = "log out";
$asd = "Present is catelogue root";
$location = "Return_to";
$TEXT['connErr'] = "Cannot connect database,please try it again!";
$TEXT['nameWarn'] = "The name has been already registered,please choose name again!";
$TEXT['insertName'] = "Please enter into username!";
$TEXT['insertPass'] = "Please enter into password!";
$TEXT['passWarn'] = "The password is uncoincidence!";
$TEXT['nameVal'] = "The username is not valid!";
$TEXT['regSuc'] = "Add Success!";
$TEXT['reg'] = "Add Admin";
$TEXT['must'] = "must be fill out";
$TEXT['confpass'] = "Repeat_password";
$TEXT['admin'] =  "Administrator";
$TEXT['addAdmin'] = "Add New Administrator";
$TEXT['direction'] = "Account subsidiary manager and ordinary user,ordinary user hasn't privileges run my sql commend,management user,delete operate and file browse";
$TEXT['userList'] = "User List";
$edit = "edit";
$del = "delete";
$TEXT['adminDel'] = "Administrator--Delete User";
$TEXT['delUser'] = "Are you sure delete user";
$TEXT['ma'] = "";
$TEXT['confirm'] = "confirm";
$TEXT['cancel'] = "cancel";
$TEXT['revert'] = "Data Revert";
$TEXT['storedata'] = "Store Data";
$TEXT['storealldata'] = "Store Data:";
$TEXT['confirmStore'] = "Confirm";
$TEXT['selecttable'] = "Please select table to backup:";
$TEXT['alltable'] = "all table";
$TEXT['bakdir'] = "root:";
$TEXT['bakexplanation'] = "Data backup explanation:";
$TEXT['explanation'] = "The data according to each table production correspondence .txt document, the content is the SQL Insert sentence, front added the ~ mark to make a line of recognition, if had in “carried out the MySQL order” in the operation to move these SQL sentence, please first the ~Insert replace was: Insert.";
$TEXT['restore'] = "restore data";
$TEXT['selectfile'] = "Please select file:";
$TEXT['confirmrestore'] = "Restore";
$TEXT['selectall'] = "Select all";
$TEXT['unselect'] = "Unselect";
$backup = "Backup :";
$croot = "root";
$cfile = "Local File:";
$delete = "Delete";
$add = "Add File";
$upload = "Upload";
$close = "Close";
$url = "URL:";
$saveas = "Save as (unnecessary)";
$downloadit = "Download";
$gback = "Back";
$newcatalog = "CreateCatalog";
$zip = "CreateZIP";
$selectall = "SelectAll";
$rechoice = "ReverseSelect";
$refresh = "Refresh";
$Rename = "Rename";
$newfile = "CreateFile";
$downfile = "Download";
$get = "Get";
$cut1 = "Cut";
$Copy = "Copy";
$paste = "Paste";
$editfile = "Edit";
$browse = "Browse";
$decompression = "Decompression";
$uploadtit = "Opens the uploading document module (in the table of contents bottommost)";
$newfiletit = "Create a new file";
$downfiletit = "Downloading selects document and folder";
$gettit = "Downloads a long-distance document to the server";
$cuttit = "Cutting selects file or folder";
$Copytit = "Copying selects file or folder";
$pastetit = "Glue under this table of contents the clipboard in document and the folder";
$deletetit = "Deleting selects file or folder";
$edittit = "Editing current document";
$browsetit = "Browsing the current document";
$othertit = "Editing current document or Browsing ZIP document";
$downwarning = "Please select the file or folder which must download!";
$actwarning = "Please select the file or folder which must ";
$actwarning1 = "";
$deletewarning = "Please select the file or folder which must delete!!";
$delwarn = "Really delete";
$tableofcontent = "table(s) of contents and";
$doc = "document(s)";
$delwarn1 = "You must delete";
$delwarn2 = "table(s) of contents possibly not for spatial, once deletes cannot restore!! Are you continue?";
$waitme = "Current condition: processing the request…";
$waitmeoff = "Current condition: Completing";
$renamewarn = "Really name";
$renamewarn1 = "as:";
$inputfilename = "Inputs the new filename:";
$inputdirname = "Inputs the new dirname:";
$deldir = "Are you sure delete dir";
$packwarning = "Please select the document and the folder which must pack!!";
$inputzipname = "Inputs the new ZIP name:";
$unpackall = "Input table of contents name which decompresses";
$unpackall1 = "";
$startdel = "Starts to delete, in";
$startdel1 = "table of contents:";
$startdel2 = "document:";
$failed = "failed!!";
$delsuc = "Success deletion";
$doc1 = "document(s)";
$catalog1 = "catalog(s)";
$delfail = "Deleting failed";
$createsuc = "Create success";
$blankcatalog = "Blank catalog";
$deldirwarn = "In table of contents non-spatial! \\n must force to delete?";
$upfail = "The uploading failed, the document has existed!!";
$upfail1 = "The uploading failed, the reason is unknown!";
$upsuc = "The uploading success";
$wronginfo = "The following is the error message:";
$getsuc = "The success downloads";
$getsuc1 = "to the server!";
$getfail = "The downloading failed, possibly is the document does not exist!";
$filewarn = "The document does not exist";
$downloadfile = "Download file";
$renamefail = "Rename failed!! \\n possibly was the file or folder has existed!!";
$renameas = "Renaming, the";
$renameas1 = "naming is";
$renameas2 = "is success";
$otherwarn = "The file or folder have existed, must cover? If will be, then the document of the same name is replaced.";
$cutfile = "Cutting file";
$from1 = "from";
$to1 = "to";
$catalog = "catalog";
$copyfile = "Copying file";
$cutfilesuc = "Cutting file success!!";
$copyfilesuc = "Copying file success!!";
$decompressionsuc = "Decompression success";
$decowarn = "Renovates after the host contact surface only then may see the decompression comes out document!!";
$decompressionfail = "Decompression failed";
$decompression1 = "Decompressed has not completely";
$alreadydeco = "Already decompressed";
$compressionfail = "The document has existed!! \\n compression defeat!!!";
$compressionsuc = "Compression success!!";
$compressionfail1 = "Compression failed!!";
$rootdir = "Root directory";
$folder1 = "Folder";
$filename1 = "Filename";
$originalsize = "Original size";
$compressionsize = "Compression size";
$ratio = "Compression ratio";
$decowarn1 = "Please select the document and the folder which must decompression!!";
$TEXT['fileEdit'] = "File Edit";
$TEXT['warning'] = "File name is blank!";
$TEXT['workcatalog'] = "Work Catalog:";
$TEXT['filename'] = "File Name";
$TEXT['warning1'] = "(Does not allow to use “..” to regard as way)";
$TEXT['use'] = "Visualization Mode";
$TEXT['use1'] = "Normal Mode";
$TEXT['save'] = "Save";
$TEXT['cancelsave'] = "Cancel";
$TEXT['goback'] = "Go Back";
$TEXT['visualeditor'] = "Visualization Editor";
$TEXT['createfile'] = "Create File";
$logout = "log out";
$welcome = "Welcome";
$userError = "Username Error!";
$passError = "Password Error!";
$picDir = "Picture Dir";
$delSuc = "The user had been delete!";
$editSuc = "Edit Success";
$delFile = "Are you sure delete file";
$ma = "";
$confirm = "Confirm";
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