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To get OpenNitro working copy the files in the html directory to the
document root of your webserver and edit the NitroBaseConfig.inc.php and the
ini file it points to (you can put the ini anywhere on your system, but
don't put it in the document root of your server, it will be readable for
everybody!). Also do this for the NitroBaseConfig.inc.php in the BackOffice
directory (and the ini it points to).

Open phpMyAdmin (or your database tool of choice) and create an OpenNitro
and OpenNitroBO (Back Office) databases. Load the two files in the SQL
directory into our databases and you should have a working system ...

More information in the form of online documentation and tutorials will be
created later. Please help us prioritize those by sending us an email with
the things you want us to document first.

Have fun!
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