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Swift Mailer is a basic PHP Mailer class intended to do nothing
more than handle sending emails from PHP scripts.

Please refer to the LICENSE file before copying this class
or modifying it (it basically says you can do what you want
with it).

The Swift Mailer library can handle
pretty much everything you'd want when sending emails.

 * Attachments
 * Multipart Messaging
 * Basic, single part messaging
 * Custom Headers
 * Encoding
 * Inline images
 * Embedded files
 * Redundant connections
 * Rotating connections
 * Silent recipient denied handling
 * TLS Encryption
 * Bcc Sending
 * Batch Mailing
 * Custom SMTP commands
 * SSL Connections
 * Pluggable SMTP Authentication
 * Plugin Support with event handling features

This library does NOT require the use of the mail() function
which is blocked by many shared hosts.  Instead, it makes
use of fsockopen() to establish a connection with an SMTP -
server.  This connection can be used to perform as many
tasks as required when when sending emails.

The functionality built in to the class should comply with
RFC 2821, and RFC 2554 which you can find under the docs/

For some examples of using Swift Mailer refer to the snippets at

You should refer to the online documentation to be sure you're
reading the most up-to-date stuff: http://swiftmailer.org/documentation/

For bugs and support (limited) please contact the author

"Chris Corbyn" <hide@address.com>

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