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$sql = "SELECT DISTINCT addr FROM history ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 10";
$upds = $db->getCol($sql);


<script language="javascript">

function showPeople() {


<div id="updates">
<strong>Latest Profile Updates</strong><br />
foreach($upds as $u) {
	echo "&bull;<a href=\"{$u}\">{$u}</a><br />";

<div id="announcement">
<strong>News & Events</strong><br />
&bull; New Profiles added!<br />
&bull; v1.2 is out! History & Statistics<br />
&bull; <a href="http://sf.net/projects/openhuman">Project Page</a> gets online! DB dumps available!<br />
&bull; Discuss the movement on <a href="http://groups.yahoo.com/group/openhuman/">the mailing list</a>!

	<li>... is a place to be as open as possible</li>
	<li>Tell the most discreet and interesting stuff about yourself without 
	hurting anyone else</li>
	<li>Put your naked pictures (not pornographic or erotic, just naked)</li>
	<li>Confess how open you are</li>
	<li>Know people with similar problems, interests</li>
	<li>Don't forget, no one expects you to be very open. Do it as much as you can.. You'll get more open in time...</li>
<p>Confused? Need a sample? <a href="javascript:void(showPeople())">Check out these...</a>

<div id="peoplediv" style="display:none;">
<br />

<a href="esokullu"><img src="images/picks/10.jpg" width="80" height="80" alt="Emre Sokullu (Founder)" /></a>
<a href="thelastgiraffe"><img src="images/picks/30.jpg" alt="Deanna M" /></a>
<a href="jesus"><img src="images/picks/15.jpg" alt="Jesus Christ" /></a>
<a href="timbaldwin"><img src="images/picks/timbaldwin.jpg" alt="Tim Baldwin" /></a>
<a href="babayada"><img src="images/picks/12.jpg" alt="babayada" /></a>
<a href="jazzalicious"><img src="images/picks/jazzalicious.jpg" alt="" /></a>
<a href="geospine"><img src="images/picks/geospine.jpg" alt="Logan Overson" /></a>
<a href="deviantdoll"><img src="images/picks/deviantdoll.jpg" alt="Sharra McFeron" /></a>
<br />
<a href="rolandog"><img src="images/picks/22.jpg" alt="Rolando Garza" /></a>
<a href="mwbbaquiran"><img src="images/picks/mwbbaquiran.jpg" alt="Mike Baquiran" /></a>
<a href="kael"><img src="images/picks/kael.jpg" alt="" /></a>
<a href="extace"><img src="images/picks/extace.jpg" alt="David Andruczyk" /></a>
<!--<a href="djmccormick"><img src="images/picks/djmccormick.jpg" alt="Dustin McCormick" /></a>-->
<a href="nawcom"><img src="images/picks/20.jpg" alt="Ben Nawrocki" /></a>
<a href="sdesch"><img src="images/picks/sdesch.jpg" alt="Stephen Desch" /></a>
<a href="simpleton"><img src="images/picks/simpleton.jpg" alt="Ray Nolan" /></a>
<!--<a href="deviantdoll"><img src="images/picks/deviantdoll.jpg" alt="Sharra McFeron" /></a>-->
<a href="wheelsup"><img src="images/picks/wheelsup.jpg" alt="" /></a>
<br />
<a href="athenagoddess"><img src="images/picks/athenagoddess.jpg" alt="Tabatha Sweetivory" /></a>
<a href="alex"><img src="images/picks/alex.jpg" alt="Alex H" /></a>
<a href="whatevermortal"><img src="images/picks/whatevermortal.jpg" alt="Mark Skelton" /></a>
<a href="orionblastar"><img src="images/picks/orionblastar.jpg" alt="Orion Blastar" /></a>
<a href="elkniwcire"><img src="images/picks/elkniwcire.jpg" alt="Eric Winkle" /></a>
<a href="justin"><img src="images/picks/justin.jpg" alt="Justin Van Horne" /></a>
<!--<a href="retech"><img src="images/picks/retech.jpg" alt="Kevin Asher" /></a>-->
<a href="darien"><img src="images/picks/darien.jpg" alt="Darien Kruss" /></a>

<br />
<a href="cnut"><img src="images/picks/cnut.jpg" alt="" /></a>
<a href="jackline"><img src="images/picks/jackline.jpg" alt="" /></a>
<a href="jani"><img src="images/picks/jani.jpg" alt="" /></a>
<a href="arvedui"><img src="images/picks/arvedui.jpg" alt="Johann Mueller" /></a>
<a href="nail"><img src="images/picks/nail.jpg" alt="" /></a>
<a href="openmike"><img src="images/picks/openmike.jpg" alt="" /></a>
<a href="stooge4ever"><img src="images/picks/stooge4ever.jpg" alt="" /></a>
<a href="enki"><img src="images/picks/enki.jpg" alt="" /></a>
<br />

and <a href="search.php">others</a>...

<p><a href="create.php"><font size="+2">Start your own openhuman page now</font></a> &nbsp;&middot;&nbsp; 
<a href="signin.php">Already member? Sign in!</a></p>
<p>Why you should be an OpenHuman? Because:</p>
	<li>openness is always good</li>
	<li>helps us to understand that we are not alone</li>
	<li>makes you stronger, don't be shy - we are only as sick as our secrets</li>
	<li>widens your vision, enlightens you</li>
	<li>introduces you to people with similar problems - interests</li>
	<li>can be a place to make references about you (like: Emre <a href="http://openhuman.org/esokullu#30df9d4065a73cd96be1d61849642bb7">has</a> 4 names)</li>
	<li>can help scientific researches (database dumps will be freely available)</li>
<p>This movement is inspired by:</p>
	<li><a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renaissance">Renaissance</a>,
	<a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Humanism">Humanism</a></li>
	<li><a href="http://www.fsf.org/">FSF</a>, <a href="http://gnu.org">GNU</a>,
	<a href="http://opensource.org">Open Source</a></li>
	<li><a href="http://wikipedia.org/">Wikipedia</a></li>


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