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$lang["please_check_your_account"]="Please check your account !";
$lang["can_register"]="Conratulation ! Your account availible !";
$lang["not_availible"]="Sorry, please chose another account !";
$lang["Please_complete_all_form_to_create_your_account_!"]="Please complete all form to create your account:";
$lang["please_check_your_email"]="Please check your email !";
$lang["please_check_your_full_name"]="Please check your full name !";
$lang["please_check_your_password"]="Please check your password !";
$lang["please_check_your_title"]="Please Check Your Website Title";
$lang["please_check_your_description"]="Please check your website description";
$lang["please_check_keywords"]="Please check your website keywords";
$lang["please_check_url"]="Please check your Target URL";
$lang["please_check_fav"]="Please check your Favicon URL";
$lang["please_check_country"]="Please check your country !";
$lang["please_check"]="Please check ";
$lang["congratulation_you_can_use_now"]="Congratulation ! You can use your account now ! Click ok to try visit";
$lang["congratulation_please_check_mail"]="Congratulation ! Your account was registered ! Please check your email box and active your account !";
$lang["congratulation_please_wait"]="Congratulation ! Your account was registered ! But you must wait about 24 hours, admin will check and active your account !";
$lang["please_read_terms"]="Please read terms of services before continue !";
$lang["whois_not"]="Domain not availible !";
$lang["whois_show"]="Domain registered ! Click ok to Whois !";
$lang["cloak_no"]="<font color=red><b>Note: Chose No</b>, if your website have Login Form ( Forum, Blog ..)</font>";
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