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$lang["please_check_your_login"]="Please check your login information !";
$lang["select_to_login"]="Select 1 Account To Login:";
$lang["get_pass"]="Get Password !";
$lang["edit_but"]="Update Account !";
$lang["new_pass"]="* New Password ( Only if you want to set new password )";
$lang["new_password"]="New Password:";
$lang["c_password"]="Current Password:";
$lang["updated"]="Okay, Your account was updated !";
$lang["request_pass"]="Some one request all your account password at our website.";
$lang["sub_request"]="Forgot Password ?";
$lang["check_mail"]="Please check mail box to receive your password !";
$lang["no_account"]="Sorry, dont have any account with your email !";
$lang["login_title"]="Login To Your Account:";
$lang["forgot_title"]="Forgot Password ?";
$lang["click_to_log"]="Login Now";
$lang["click_to_send"]="Okay, click to send e-mail !";
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