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// security
if(define("opendomains", false)) die("Hacking System");

// Subject E-Mail
$lang[subject]="Active Account";
$lang[no_act_sub]="Your Account:";

// change content here
// HTML Content
// remember : [link] -> Link to Active 
// Account: [user]
// Password: [pass]
// Login: [home]
Hello ! <br>
Thanks for chose our services. This is your account: <br>
Domain: [user] <br>
E-Mail: [email] <br>
Password: [pass] <br>
Login URL: [home] <br>
----------------- <br>
You must click on this link to active your account: <br>
<a href='[link]' >[link]</a> <br>
Or: <br>
[link] <br>
----------------- <br>

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