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if(define("opendomains", false)) die("Hacking System");
// Mysql database 
 // Mysql database, Note: mysql version 4.1.x or 5.x
	// config your website
    $config[cache]="no"; // Use cache will disable Top Domain and Counter Functions. But server will fast. If your server have MySQL with hight connection number, you can dont use Cache.
    $config[save]="cache"; // rename folder 'cache' if you like here to security
    // use cache if your hosting is shared hosting.
    // setmode 777 for cache folder
    // Note: use cache will dont have Top Domain page, but use cache will fast.

	// See 'lang' folder

 	$config[url]="http://domain.vnn.bz/"; // must have "/ " at end
  	// Full URL, must have http://
    // Admin Account
	// Name of your website
	$config[website]="OpenDomains 2.0";

	  if($_GET['language']) {
	  		if(file_exists("lang/".$_GET['language'])) {
	  if($_SESSION['lng']) {

	if($config[mysql][data]=="") {
		die("Please config script !");
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