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2007-07-4 - New in 0.16 release
- Adding more objetcs
- Fixing an error in computing free space in moving object
- Fixing an error in editing object name and description
- Adding ability to mount object in reverse form in rack
- Adding ability to mount two objects in the same rack U, one front and one back
- Fixing (I hope) mysql5 problems (why add I a --compatible=ansi clause?)

2007-04-16 - New in 0.15 release
- Adding more objects
- Fix stupid error in moving object. Now it exclude the moved object in checking for available space
- Start escaping sql parameters, need more work
- Added order by name in displaying objects with same position. Multiple object can have position "zero"
- A new upgrade automatic procedure is now available. Please backup your data before using it.

2006-12-29 - New in 0.14 release
- Complete rewrite of connection tracking. Now it works.
- Adding more objects

2006-09-29 - New in 0.13 release
- Adding more objects

2006-09-19 - New in 0.12 release
- Fix for creating empty connection
- Cosmetical changes for creating a connection
- Search objects and connections (preliminary)
- Fix ports swap for Dell PowerEdge
- Fix stupid error in creating connections
- Adding more objects

2006-09-12 - New in 0.11 release
- Fix some errors in object definition
- Show start and end connectors for multichannel connections
- Cosmetic upgrade to selection algorithm (thanks to David Lippi)
- Full support for multi outlet connections
- Fix connection not using opendb.php
- Fix create/delete animation of left menu

2006-05-17 - New in 0.10 release
- VLAN management
- Few cosmetical changes in the detailed description box
- Added more objects, GBIC, Nortel Ethernet switch 470, generic switch
- Added preliminary support for multi outlet connections, for example multifiber cable, but need more work 

2006-04-12 - New in 0.9c release
This is a bugfix release.
- wrong link in edit connection
- replace <?= with <?php echo

2006-04-01 - New in 0.9 release
- Changed description field type to text, no more limit of 255 characters on description field
- Divided object type description in brand, category and type
- Now you are able to specify in objtypes.pos_ordering the ordering of the objects, if ascending (default)
  or descending. Now Buildins and Racks left menu display objects are in a more userfriendly order  
- Added object highlight in browse object menu
- Incomplete support for horizontal and vertical spanning, but complete usable in simple situation
- Added ability to edit object
- Added more objects

2006-02-15 - New in 0.8 release
- Added more objects

2006-02-07 - New in 0.7 release
- Added more objects
- Fix a bug in sanity check while creating top parent objects

2006-02-01 - New in 0.6 release
- Added sanity check to "insert new object" function
- Added sanity check to "insert new connection" function
- Renamed left, right, up and down fields in connectors table to avoid problems
  with some version of mysql
- Start use of updatedb.sql 
- Added a field to allow extra values associated with object, example for telecom outlet
- Added objects: telecom outlet 1, 2 and 3 peers with extravalues
- If name of object is left empty, fills automatically with object type name
- Added ability to not consider the size of object, useful for placing object in rooms or similar. 
  This is driven by the nospan parameter of the parent object
- Added cascading deletion of object, useful for example to delete the Demo Site
- Added sanity check to "delete object"
- Fix a nasty bug on updating a connection resulting in updating all connections
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