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This is a beta release and it is almost complete of its functionality. It only lacks a big variety of objects, contributions are welcome.

To try it you have to create a mysql database named opencabling owned by user opencabling with password opencabling.

For example, log on as root on mysql:
       # mysql -u root -p
Create an opencabling user with password opencabling
       mysql> grant usage on *.* to hide@address.com identified by 'opencabling';
Create a database to use
       mysql> create database opencabling;
Grant privileges to user opencabling
       mysql> grant all privileges on opencabling.* to hide@address.com;
If you want to change this data, please edit the opendb.php file.

Decompress the provided tar.gz in some neat site, like /var/www/opencabling.

Use the db.sql script with mysql to generate all the tables. 

For example:
       # mysql -u opencabling --password=opencabling opencabling < db.sql

If you like, you can load my network data, as I document until now, using the file data.sql

Thank you



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