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 ******************** Openc2c - 0.1.0-stable ********************

I) About Openc2c

OpenC2C is an attempt at filling a gap in the web software solutions available today by proposing a platform that will allow for the provision of consumer to consumer sales services in a friendly way.

While large companies have made themselves a nice place on the web providing this kind of services on their own proprietary platform, we want to make sure a good tool is available for those who need such a tool to encourage active interchange of resources between members of a social community.

II) Installing and upgrading

1. Pre-requisites

Openc2c can be installed on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and UNIX servers indifferently.

To run Openc2c on your server, you need to install WAMP, LAMP or MAMP:

    * To install WAMP (AMP on Windows), we recommend the XAMPP .exe installer
    * To install LAMP (AMP on Linux), use the Package manager of your favourite distribution (Synaptic, RPMFinder etc.). For instance, on a Ubuntu server, use Shell or Synaptic
      following the Ubuntu guide on Apache and the following sections
    * To install MAMP (AMP on Mac OS X), refer to the MAMP dedicated website
	* Activate Apache Module mod_rewrite (URL Rewriting Engine)

MySQL database server

You will need a login and password allowing to administer and create at least one database. By default, Openc2c will create a new database called Openc2c, but you can change this during the installation process.
To create a user in your database system, update and use this command:
  mysql -u root -p
  GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `openc2c`.* TO 'openc2c'@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'abcd';
  mysql -u openc2c -p

This should have created you a user "openc2c" / "abcd" which you can use directly inside your installation process.

2. Installation of Openc2c

    * Download Openc2c (http://www.sourceforge.net/projects/openc2c)
    * Unzip it
    * Copy the openc2c directory in your Apache web directory. This can be C:\xampp\www\ on a Windows server or /var/www/html/ on a Linux server
    * Define write-permission access to selected directories by the web server: app/public/, app/images/, ... (more to come here)
    * Open your web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox...) and type http://localhost/openc2c/ if you install locally or http://shop.domain.com/ if you install remotely
    * Note.- To fully enjoy openc2c must set a VirualHost of not knowing how to follow the steps here http://www.ubuntu-es.org/index.php?q=node/73911, otherwise you must set the option on the localhost of clean urls:
		<Directory /var/www/>
			Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews
			AllowOverride none   #change by AllowOverride All
			Order allow,deny
			allow from all
		1) restart apache
		sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 reload
		2) update your browser (F5)
		// Finally, run the following command to change the file owner (This command is executed within your root directory /var/www/openc2c/)
		sudo chown www-data:www-data -R *
	* To start using openc2c, you first need to create categories and sub-categories from the administration panel (only sub-categories can be selected for selling a product, not the main ones)

III) License

This software is provided under the GNU/AGPL v3 License terms
See: http://www.fsf.org/licensing/licenses/agpl-3.0.html

IV) Credits

Core developers

          * Yannick Warnier - Development Leader - BeezNest (hide@address.com)
          * Julio Montoya Armas - Developer (hide@address.com)
          * Daniel Perales - Developer (hide@address.com)
    	  * Ronny Velasquez Sanchez - Developer (hide@address.com) 
          * Jhon Hinojosa Portuguez - Developer (hide@address.com)
          * Franco Cedillo - Developer (hide@address.com)
          * Luis Rodriguez Mart - Design
          * Arthur Portugal - Software testing (hide@address.com)
          * Ricardo Rodriguez - Software testing (hide@address.com)

V) Dependencies

    * Apache 1.3 or 2
    * PHP5.2.0+ with MySQL bindings and php-gd extension to allow to resize pictures. Progressive upload bar only works with PHP5.2.0+.
    * MySQL database server 5+
    * GD Graphic Library

Included dependencies

    * Openc2c is developed using the Akelos framework (www.akelos.org)
    * Prototype
    * EZpdf
    * JQuery
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