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	include 'config.php';

	// This page will install the necessary table in your database
	$install_step1 = "CREATE TABLE `opencms_mini_post` (`post_id` varchar(255) NOT NULL,`post_title` mediumtext NOT NULL,`post_body` mediumtext NOT NULL,`post_date` date NOT NULL,`post_tags` varchar(255) NOT NULL,PRIMARY KEY  (`post_id`)) ENGINE=MyISAM DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8;";

	mysql_query($install_step1) or die(mysql_error());

	$install_step2 = "INSERT INTO `opencms_mini_post` VALUES('1234567890', 'This is a sample headline.', 'Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque euismod, magna in ultrices eleifend, neque tellus vulputate nibh, eu faucibus metus nunc a enim. In lacinia semper volutpat. Maecenas augue magna, imperdiet eget tristique sed, adipiscing eget nisl.<br><br>Nulla elementum convallis nibh. Praesent diam leo, facilisis nec porta vitae, rhoncus non quam. Maecenas volutpat sagittis convallis. Nullam id hendrerit nisl. Sed id accumsan magna. Duis eu ipsum lectus. Pellentesque id est id dolor vehicula elementum et nec urna. Pellentesque ut porta lectus.<br><br>Phasellus semper, velit sit amet egestas rutrum, nunc urna euismod quam, in aliquam ligula turpis in justo.', '2012-01-01', 'tag1 tag2 tag3');";

	mysql_query($install_step2) or die(mysql_error());
	echo "<font face='arial' size='2'>If you did not see any error messages and verified your database settings were correct in config.php, your site has been setup properly!<br><br><b>NOTE: It is highly recommended you delete this file after installation!</font>";

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