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2007.45 2007.10.01

mobile - fixes for mobile mode
xrcal - empty resource calendar fix

2007.44 2007.09.25

adding search when nothing was found

2007.43 2007.09.20

locking shows blockers now
reports can have YM agregation in date fields (in formula input)
mailings added - easy to use starting on mailing object and uncomment onsave mailing part
unipassword sends to change password page
change password does not need old password

2007.42 2007.09.04

email function fixed
to and cc fields added in email template 
deleted bag problems fixed

2007.41 2007.08.31

cms - showing first article fixed
start using svn to maintain code

2007.40 2007.08.10

generate map added
trim tab name added
new mask field permissions added

2007.39 2007.08.10

version number mistake

2007.38 2007.08.10

odb_map moved to run_map
maps interface enhanced
odb_style.css fixed
fld_check fixed - 1/'' value is exported instead on 'Yes/No'
.htaccess fixed - php_value command causes 500 error on some servers

2007.37 2007.08.01 beta

bag deleted properly shown by tmp_ and tmp_detail
LASTMONTH search constant added
fld_button fixed on list view
value class added to fields
detail view and new view schema was changed to be cleaner (only for new systems: cfg_clean_detail=1)

2007.36 2007.07.26 beta

field type button added
message presented after new, save, copy and delete

2007.35 2007.07.18 beta

user comment removed before update...
fixed checking magic rights to logs and deleted before run_
standard docs - fill_content fixed
file upload fixed
odb_css fixed - better font size

2007.34 2007.07.16 beta

action buttons - names are short now and disabled untill choosen
user exits can be seen online

2007.33 2007.07.14 beta

tmp_chart - grouping left values , so only 7 biggest are shown
tmp_chart - dates can be cut with .Y .YM .YQ , i.e. My Date.Y = 2007, My Date.YQ = 2007Q1, My Date.YM = 200707
buttons at the bottom hidden when not needed
fld_description and fld_choice adopted to be slim on the list

2007.32 2007.07.12 beta

import_emails($ServerName,$UserName,$PassWord) function added
send_email($to,$subject,$body) function added
fld_date - new, flexible date conversion
xcal, xrcal - css styles changed, quick date added
sys_import - import was updated import_data($filepath,$config) function was added
odb_style.css - added .content class inside body for min-height
odb_style.css - changed font family and size
empty search finds nothing (before it was finding everything)

2007.31 2007.07.08 beta

odb_style.css - buttons css fixed for ie/win

2007.30 2007.07.05 beta

uploading and downloading files fixed
menu error fixed
minor css fixes

2007.29 2007.06.27 beta 

uploading and downloading files fixed
minor css style fixes
buttons fixed
xcal, xrcal - nicer layout
xrcal - added showing days controll and Monday alwas first
ondelete userexit added
odb_tree kept after new search
manage articles changed into tree-based

2007.28 2007.06.21 beta

english articles added

2007.27 2007.06.21 beta

flash charts added
nice css buttons added
copy and delete buttons hidden
better auto update
geocoding fix

2007.26 2007.06.12 beta

ajax lock fixes
map export fixes
better auto update
clone, delete, compare buttons disabled 
cancel button removed

2007.25 2007.05.04 beta

ajax lock glow
small fixes
dots can be used in names
xcalendar description changed

2007.24 2007.05.25 beta

small fixes
function system replaced everywhere with function exec
User FILTER field and constant added for effective menu filters
default german translation added

2007.23 2007.05.16 beta

added some description

2007.22 2007.05.15 beta

field size setting fixed
menu access fixed
adding user page fixed
automatic upgrade function added

2007.21 2007.05.14 beta

thumbnails generation fixed - images are scaled better now
cms images full-screen view added
header skin changed - clicable logo is on the left now, heder is slimmer
translation fixes
cms added when user is not logged in
example pl articles added
menu security bug fixed
long records operations fixed

2007.20 2007.04.25 beta

cloning users fixed
stability fixes
map demo added

2007.19 2007.03.27 beta

map.php fixed
odb_map.php - regions added
myecho fixed
auto system MyBag set (test access menu)

2007.18 2007.03.20 beta

map.php fixed
dictionaries fixed
report types fixed
adding new fixed
field types fixed
search mask fixed

2007.17 2007.03.15 beta

geocoding added
show on map added
map keys added
invitations added
small security fixes

2007.16 2007.03.07 beta

map.php added - GoogleMaps
uninew - small fixes
grep search fixed for MSWindows
invitations added
speedometer images added

2007.15 2007.02.20

grouping 3 fields on list view
list view fixes
dictionaries fix
date field fixed
choice field fixed
grep search fixed
small fixes for cache 304
import added on main skin
import csv - fixed value import
export csv and import csv works now together
sysGroupBy added in export/import csv
odb_import.txt removed from the system
run_.txt removed from the system

2007.14 2007.01.29 

final fixes for cache 304
finished manual
detail view change for descriptions and dates
larger detail preview
login page checkes viewport width for list view
report fix ([ problem)
report speed-up 30%
report charts switched off

2007.13 2007.01.10

minor fixes

2007.12 2007.01.09

fixing 304 caching
extending manual
fixing standard document generation (documenttemplates object)
fixing translation problems

2007.11 2006.12.29

adding gz compression directive into main .htaccess file
fixing myecho problems with large translation files
adding system documentation, language pl, early version
adding standard document generating, based on OpenOffice
adding import emails and attachments directly from mailbox
adding 304 use-browser-cache response
adding LASTMOD constant
adding barcode id
changing default skin
fixing small problem with reports
exit_onaccesscheck.txt small fixes
short links added to menu - usage check with apache log
checkboxes problem fixed
sorting on lists does not show all records anymore

2007.10 2006.12.02

design change - buttons, logo.jpg
odb_ai engine fixes (v0.2)
minor fixes

2007.9 2006.11.26

odb_ai engine added (v0.1)
minor fixes

2007.8 2006.11.14

search fix for grep 2.5.1

2007.7 betta 2006.11.13

shrinking database from system info page
dividing data files into dat_ (actual) and dath_ (history)
quick update by passing grep -bH into save()

2007.6 betta 2006.11.09

adding long running queries log
search function fix - now grep is run also for one bag search
cache data files can be used to speed-up search (prepared nightly by grep)
userexit onSave adden after upload (script_upload.html)

2007.5 betta 2006.11.02

tree view

2007.4 betta 2006.10.20

single sign-on feature
cube fixes

2007.3 alpha 2006.10.19

generic search scripts fixes
dublet report (filter=DUBLETS)
compare tool fixes

2007.2 alpha

generic search scripts

2007.1 alpha

compare tool
log viewer
.passwd gzip encoding removed

2.8.6 2008.09.07

mark tool
menu changable through web
security upgrade

2.8.5 2006.08.16

css fixes
cube fixes

2.8.4 2006.08.04


2.8.1 2006.07.29

cube report alpha
test: odb_script=cube

2.8.1 2006.07.17

mobile interface

2.8.0 2006.07.05

mailbot tools - mailbot + check_category
print visibility fixes
minor fixes
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