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OpenDataBag Install Guide

Table of Contents
1. Requirements
2. Installation
3. Additional information


Chapter 1. Requirements

  In order to successfully install OpenDataBag you need the following:

  * Webserver (e.g. Apache on Linux and MacOS X; Apache or IIS on Win32)
  * PHP 4.3 or above (see http://www.php.net/)
  * PHP's extension gd2 enabled (see PHP configuration)
  * PHP's extension zlib enabled (see PHP configuration)
  * grep (Ux http://www.gnu.org/software/grep/grep.html, Win32 http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/grep.htm)


Chapter 2. Installation

  Step one: unpack the archive
  Unpack the odb files to the document root of where you want odb installed, e.g. /var/www/your_system_name/

  Step two: (optional) move mydata directory into safe location
  Move mydata directory OUTSIDE document root, e.g. /var/your_system_name/mydata
  *** WARNING ***: Although step two is optional you are strongly encouraged to do it.
                Neglecting step two leaves your data exposed.

  Step three: set permissions
  Set read and write permissions for the webserver for all odb directories.

  Step four: configure odb
  Set params inside odb_config.php.
  Especially, you need to change 'cfg_data_path' (to e.g. /var/your_system_name/mydata) if you have moved mydata into safe location (step two).

  Point your browser to the web address that corresponds to odb, e.g. http://localhost/your_system_name
  Login as admin (user: admin password: admin).
  Good luck!


Chapter 3. Additional information

  An empty system is accessible using 'admin' as an user name and 'admin' as a password.

  For additional help see http://opendatabag.net

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