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	<title>Support - Open Power Template</title>
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		<h1>Open Power Template 2.0</h1>
		<p class="generated">@ 02.09.2010</p>
		<p class="location"><a href="index.html"><strong>User manual</strong></a> &raquo; <a href="appendix.html">Appendix</a> &raquo; <a href="appendix.support.html">Support</a></p>
	<div id="content"><dl class="location"><dt><a href="appendix.html">8. Appendix</a><br/>D. Support</dt><dd class="prev">C. Possible problems<br/><a href="appendix.possible-problems.html">&laquo; Previous</a></dd><dd class="next">E. Reporting bugs<br/><a href="appendix.bugs.html">Next &raquo;</a></dd></dl>	<h1>Appendix D. Support</h1><p>If you have a problem with the OPT library and do not know how to solve it, take a look at our discussion board, <a href="http://forums.invenzzia.org/">forums.invenzzia.org</a> - we will try to help you find the solution and talk about many other things.</p>

<h2>Support rules</h2>

<li>We do not offer e-mail support (especially via our private mailboxes). You will be redirected to the discussion board.</li>
<li>The discussion board is not a place to report <strong>bugs</strong>. Of course, it is possible that something that looks like a problem is in fact a bug, but obvious issues must be reported in the bugtracker immediately.</li>
<li>The default discussion board language is English, however they might appear some national boards.</li>
<li>Before starting a new topic, use the search tool and check the documentation. Although it is not finished yet, in come cases it is useful.</li>
<li>To get a precise and fast answer, you must provide a detailed description of your problem. Add some code snippets, information on the used software versions (OPT, PHP, framework) and describe what does not work.</li>
<li>Please read the discussion board rules before posting.</li>
<dl class="location location-bottom"><dt>D. Support<br/><a href="appendix.html">8. Appendix</a></dt><dd class="prev"><a href="appendix.possible-problems.html">&laquo; Previous</a><br/>C. Possible problems</dd><dd class="next"><a href="appendix.bugs.html">Next &raquo;</a><br/>E. Reporting bugs</dd></dl>		</div>
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		<p>Copyright &copy; <a href="http://www.invenzzia.org/">Invenzzia Group 2008-2009</a></p>
		<p>Available under the terms of license: <a href="http://www.gnu.org/licenses/fdl.html">GNU Free Documentation License 1.2</a></p>
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