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	<title>Reporting bugs - Open Power Template</title>
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		<h1>Open Power Template 2.0</h1>
		<h2>Reporting bugs</h2>
		<p class="generated">@ 02.09.2010</p>
		<p class="location"><a href="index.html"><strong>User manual</strong></a> &raquo; <a href="appendix.html">Appendix</a> &raquo; <a href="appendix.bugs.html">Reporting bugs</a></p>
	<div id="content"><dl class="location"><dt><a href="appendix.html">8. Appendix</a><br/>E. Reporting bugs</dt><dd class="prev">D. Support<br/><a href="appendix.support.html">&laquo; Previous</a></dd><dd class="next">F. Authors and license<br/><a href="appendix.license.html">Next &raquo;</a></dd></dl>	<h1>Appendix E. Reporting bugs</h1><p>If you found a bug, please visit our bugtracker: <a href="http://bugs.invenzzia.org/">bugs.invenzzia.org</a> and report it. You will help developing the library.</p>

<h2>How to use the bugtracker?</h2>

<li>We use the same bugtracker for various projects. Be sure that <strong>you add the report to the correct project</strong>.</li>
<li>If it is possible, the report should contain a standalone test case that is ready to run. This will speed up reproducing the bug on our computers and creating the patch. If we cannot reproduce the bug, probably it will not be fixed.</li>
<li>Include the information on OPT and PHP versions, as well as other projects that could interfere with the library.</li>
<li>Please describe the expected behavior and the actual result.</li>
<li>We include the full error message, if it is provided.</li>
<li>The report <strong>must be written in English</strong>.</li>
<li>Remember: if we need extra information, we will ask for them.</li>
<dl class="location location-bottom"><dt>E. Reporting bugs<br/><a href="appendix.html">8. Appendix</a></dt><dd class="prev"><a href="appendix.support.html">&laquo; Previous</a><br/>D. Support</dd><dd class="next"><a href="appendix.license.html">Next &raquo;</a><br/>F. Authors and license</dd></dl>		</div>
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		<p>Available under the terms of license: <a href="http://www.gnu.org/licenses/fdl.html">GNU Free Documentation License 1.2</a></p>
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