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<h3>Item Import Help</h3>

<h4>Import Help</h4>

<li>For <strong>Row Import</strong> preview click the <em>'Submit'</em> button without choosing a File.</li>
<li>Item Type selection is ignored by XML Import plugins.</li>
<li>Import source owner values are ignored during the import process.</li>

<h4>Import Row Help</h4>

<li>The <em>Item Type</em> is the column in the data which specifies a item type (CD,VHS,VCD,DVD,etc). The rows will be restricted to only the rows that have the same type as the selected item type.</li>
<li>In order for the import to work properly, you should supply the 'value', not the 'display' column from the s_attribute_type_lookup table, otherwise there will be no match.</li>
<li>The Default values are only used if a column is not selected from import file.</li>
<li>If you do not specify a Category, a empty category will be inserted.</li>
<li>'Initcap' will -except for the first letter in each word- set everything to lowercase.  Any uppercase roman numerals up to XX will not be initcapped.</li>

<h4>Import XML Help</h4>

<li>The <em>Status Type</em> value will be used:
		<li>When no Status Type is provided</li>
		<li>When the Status Type provided is illegal</li>
		<li>The <i>Override Status Type</i> is checked</li>
<li>Checking the <em>Override Status Type</em> checkbox will cause any import source Status Type's to be ignored.</li>
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