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* Creator: Michael Bacon
* Copyright 2008 - 2009 Open Biller Project. All Rights Reserved.
* This project is open source and the copyright shall not be removed from the visible pages.
//checks cookies to make sure they are logged in
$adminame = $_COOKIE['admin_ID_my_site'];
$adminpass = $_COOKIE['admin_Key_my_site'];
$check = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM admins WHERE adminame = '$adminame'")or die(mysql_error());
while($info = mysql_fetch_array( $check ))
$query = sprintf("SELECT * FROM admins where adminame='%s' and adminpassword='%s'", 

//if the cookie has the wrong password, they are taken to the login page
if ($padminass != $info['adminpassword'])
{ header("Location: ../admin.php");
//otherwise they are shown the admin area
$username = $_COOKIE['admin_ID_my_site'];
$query = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM admins WHERE adminame = '$adminame'")or die(mysql_error());
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($query)) {
<title><?php echo $script_title; ?> Project</title>
<body link="blue" alink="blue" vlink="blue">
<table border="1">
<tr><td><h1>My Clients</h1></td></tr><tr><td>
<tr><td><strong>Username:</strong><?php echo $row[username]; ?></tr></td>
<tr><td><strong>Email Address: </strong><?php echo $row[email]; ?></tr></td>
<tr><td><strong>Company Name or Organization: </strong><?php echo $row[company]; ?></tr></td>
<tr><td><strong>First Name: </strong><?php echo $row[fname]; ?></tr></td>
<tr><td><strong>Last Name: </strong><?php echo $row[lname]; ?></tr></td>
<tr><td><strong>Address 1: </strong><?php echo $row[address1]; ?></tr></td>
<tr><td><strong>Address 2: </strong><?php echo $row[address2]; ?></tr></td>
<tr><td><strong>City: </strong><?php echo $row[city]; ?></tr></td>
<tr><td><strong>State or Region: </strong><?php echo $row[state]; ?></tr></td>
<tr><td><strong>Zip: </strong><?php echo $row[zip]; ?></tr></td>
<tr><td><strong>Phone Number: </strong><?php echo $row[phone]; ?></tr></td>
<tr><td><strong>Country:</strong> <?php echo $row[country]; ?></tr></td></table>

<div align="center">
<a href="add_clients.php">Add Clients</a>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;|&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="remove_clients.php">Remove Clients</a>
<?php } ?>
<!-- Please Support Our Project! Do not remove the copyright under any circumstances! -->
<?php echo copyright_text();?>
//if the cookie does not exist, they are taken to the login screen
header("Location: ../admin.php");
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