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<h2>Welcome to the OLA Sample Library!</h2>

<p>This sample database holds a collection of about one hundred books,
magazines, and newspapers. This document is a sample of a welcome 
page to visitors of a site running OLA.</p>

<h4>Borrowing Resources</h4>

<p>Most of the Library resources may be borrowed by the general public for
a three-week period. Simply visit our drop-in center and an office
volunteer will be happy to help you sign the resource out. It is necessary
to leave your name and some contact information to ensure that resources
are returned.</p>

<h4>Searching the Library</h4>

<p>You may view our resources by entering a specific title or author in
the <b>Search</b> box, or you may view all titles for a particular
category using the <b>Browse</b> box. To look at more information on the
resource, click on <b>View</b> link.

<h4>Other Resources</h4>

<p>If you are looking for a specific title which we don't have, our office
volunteers can usually help you track down the resource.</p>

<h4>Donating to the Library</h4>

<p>Our organization accepts donations of books, magazines, videos, music,
and other resources from the general public. If you are interested in
donating, please contact us.</p>
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