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	<title>Online Last.FM Player - Help Window - Introduction</title>
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		<span id="headerText">Online Last.FM Player</span><br />
		created by <a href="http://www.last.fm/user/lotrgamemast" target="_blank">lotrgamemast</a>
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		<a href="index.html">Introduction</a>&nbsp;|&nbsp;
		<a href="faq.html">FAQ</a>&nbsp;|&nbsp;
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		<span class="textTitle">Welcome</span>
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			Welcome to the Online <a href="http://www.last.fm" target="_blank">Last.FM</a> Radio Player! This player is the first of its kind and allows you to play any <a href="http://www.last.fm" target="_blank">Last.FM</a> radio via the internet, using just your web browser. It is intended for use where you can't install the <a href="http://www.last.fm" target="_blank">Last.FM</a> player and can't download the non-install version either. For example this could be used at school, at work or at an internet cafe; basicaly it can be used where ever you are in the world.
		<span class="textTitle">How It Works</span>
		<div class="mainText">
			The player works by connecting you to <a href="http://www.last.fm" target="_blank">Last.FM</a> in exacly the same way that the official player does, except it is done by a simple <a href="http://www.php.net" target="_blank">PHP</a> script and not a computer program. It then simply plays the MP3 audio stream and and displays the track information. There are also buttons to skip a track and a button to mark a track a 'loved', exacly the same as the official player.
		<span class="textTitle">Using The Player</span>
		<div class="mainText">
			To use the player you can simply enter your <a href="http://www.last.fm" target="_blank">Last.FM</a> login details and a radio link and the player will start up and play your music. Your login details are not logged in any way, additionaly when they are transmited to Last.FM your password will be encrypted for added security. If you experiance any problems then check out the <a href="help.html">help</a> section to see if your problem has been documented.
		<span class="textTitle">I Need Help!!!</span>
		<div class="mainText">
			Don't panic, we have a section dedicated to helping any users with their problems. Simply go to the <a href="help.html">Help</a> section and look for the answer you require. If you can't find your answer then send a message on Last.FM to <a href="http://www.last.fm/user/lotrgamemast" target="_blank">lotrgamemast</a> and I'll do my best to answer it and add it to the <a href="help.html">Help</a> section.
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