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Changes file started 25 April 2K3 (just before V1.5 release)

v1.7 FINAL(last release of this code version): -
Updated entire code to support new versions of php
Name is no linger hard coded at all
* Removed Notices *
Updated Advertising section
Edited OABSDoc.doc (still obsolete)
Updated install script for new features
Created an upgrade script

v1.65exp (unreleased, but was seen in demo section): -
Added random advertising section
Incorporated Logout script
Incorporated Install script
Added 2 new variables to connections/database.php which allows for a Airline name and advert table name
Edited admin page to reflect changes
Formed sample template for tickets, may change in the addon
Edited OABSDoc.doc

v1.5: - 

Added 4 variables to the connections/database.php file allowing different table names. With this more than one OABS can run off of one database

Rearranged said file to make it easier

corrected class error that meant that the class a user chose would not be stored

- Code rewrite
- Customer IP logging
- Better customer table usage (addon)

Later on..
- Intergrate everything admin based into admin page
- Sessions

Distant future..
- The 3 Templates
- Write my own (smaller) table viewer for flights and customers.
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