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Version 2.31
- Changelog.txt was renamed to changelog.php
- Code refactoring
- The block used to show categories can now show all categories unfolded (useful if you need to create a scrolling menu)
- You have 2 new options to select the columns count on the module's index page and on the category page
- The page used to show the list of recommended products was added to the Xoops menu
- In the orders manager, you can now see the total of your orders
- Addition of wish lists.
  	There are some new pages and blocks
- The module does not use anymore extJs (the module is lighter of 6 Mb), so the "all products" page was changed
- The module does not use anymore swfobject, instead it uses a jQuery plugin
- Corrections in the module's administration, in the part used to manage files attached to products
- Correction of a bug in the PayPal's Gateway
- You can set a message to display on the checkout form
- Some changes in the gateways structures
- Correction of a bug in the module's administration, in the products filters
- Bug correction in the CSV export
- Addition of a new option to enable clients to enter their VAT number
- Addition of a new block : Recently Sold
  This block shows the products that were recently sold
- Addition of a new parameter in config.php, OLEDRION_CART_BUG, set this to true if you can't see products when you add them to the cart
- Correction of several bugs in the cart, be sure to update your templates (Hervé/sailjapan)
- The product's page now uses a lightview effect to show the product's picture
- You have a new tab, "blocks", to see the module's blocks
- The module will automatically update the monetary fields in its tables to decimal(10,2) to accept billions
- You have a news preferences called "Maximum products count to display before to replace the list with an adapted list".
  When the module reach a certain count of products, they are too much to be seen in the module's list so the module replace this standard
  lists with a new kind of list (and search).
- The module now uses jQuery intensively
- Several bugs corrections when a product is removed
- Addition of products attributes
	Addition of 3 new templates (for attributes) :
			- oledrion_attribute_select.html
			- oledrion_attribute_checkbox.html
			- oledrion_attribute_radio.html
	- YOU MUST GO AT LEAST ONE TIME IN THE MODULE'S ADMINISTRATION (to create some new tables in the database)
	For this moment, persistent cart does not save products attributes
- You can now use and create plugins for the module (see the "plugins" folder for examples)
	As an example, the notifications on a new product and new category are made with plugins

- Notes for the translators:
	- There is a new file (in your language folder) called messages.js to translate, take care, this file is a Javascript file
	- There's also a picture to "translate", in your language folder, addtocart.png (this picture is used when products have attributes) and addtowishlist.png

Version 2.2
- Code refactoring
- Bugs corrections in the checkout page
- New option in config.php : OLEDRION_DONT_RESIZE_IF_SMALLER, when this option is on "true", if pictures are smaller than defined dimensions, then they are not resized
- Addition of a new option in config.php => OLEDRION_AUTO_FILL_MANUAL_DATE
  When this option is set to true, the module will automatically fill the manual date when you create a new product
- Bugs correction in the advanced search and addition of a pager
- Better support of Xoops 2.3
- Change in the gateways class and structure
- In the module's administration, manufacturer's name are now clickable
- In the module's administration, the count of products is now visible
- When you add a product, in the module's administration, the module shows you an example for the "Path of the file to download" field
- Correction of several bugs with the Paypal gateway and orders records on some hosts (burning/herve)
- Bug correction in the shelf class (Bezoops/Hervé)
- There were 2 minor changes in the translations, see lang.diff

Version 2.1
- You can now use the Xoops TAG module
- In the file config.php, you can select where to place the "duplicated" word (at the beginning or at the end of the product's title and in the reductions)
- In config.php, addition of an option to select the visible tabs in the module's administration (see config.php for some explanations)
- There was a problem in the CSS class used to represent the breadcrumb in the categories page
- The products duplication had several problems :
	a) The attached files were not save
	b) The product's picture and thumb was identical to the original product so in case of deletion (the original product), the pictures of the clone product were also removed (de facto)
- Addition of a new parameter in config.php, "OLEDRION_RELATED_BOTH"
	When this option is set to false, if Product A has Product B as a related product but Product A is not noted as related to Product B then the display of product A will display Product B as a related product.
	But Product B will not show Product A as a related product.
	When this option is set to true, Product A and Product B display each other as two related products even if Product A was not set as a related product to Product A.

	By default this option is set to false to respect the initial module's behavior.
- When sending template mails, the module is now verifying that the language folder for your translation exists (if you are not English).
  If the translation folder does not exist then it will use the English folder.
- The cache Lite class was updated
- New translations (see lang.diff)

Version 2.0
- It was not possible to see a product if you did not defined a VAT - philou
- When you duplicate a product you are now redirected to the product - philou
- It was not possible to see the list of all products when you was not using the price field - philou
- Bug correction in the categories list (categories were duplicated) - philou
- There was a bug, still in the categories list, when you was not using the price field - philou
- Correction on the product's page (product.php) and in the page used to rate a product (rate-product.php),
  it was not possible to vote for products - blueteen
- There were many changes in the translations (see lang.diff)
  There is a new file to translate here : /xoops/modules/admin/gateways/paypal/language/mylanguage/main.php
- Bug correction in the reductions when prices was not used - philou
- Bug correction in the cart when a product was removed but still present in a user's cart - philou
- Some templates were modified so you need to update them
- Addition of a new table in the database to manage gateways options
- Addition of a new field (cmd_comment) in the "oledrion_commands" table
- In the module's administration, and in the part used to manage the products, the products list was changed,
  you can now filter products
- The templates used to send emails were changed (command_shop.tpl, command_shop_verified.tpl, command_shop_fraud.tpl, command_shop_pending.tpl, command_shop_failed.tpl, command_shop_cancel.tpl)
  I have added {COMMENT}
- The file config.php was changed
- The module was deeply modified to be able to use other payment gateways (that's why the module's version was changed to a major one)

	- YOU MUST GO AT LEAST ONE TIME IN THE MODULE'S ADMINISTRATION (to create a new table in the database)

Version 1.65
- The module's administration will verify that the cache folder is writable
- Some bugs were corrected in the page called category.php
- Bug correction in the shopping cart
- The module is capable of using the editors of Xoops 2.3 more easily
- In the module's search, there was a problem with the categories selector
- The support for the Spaw editor is abandoned
- The support of Xoops 2.2.x is abandoned
- You can use tinymce if you are running Xoops 2.3 (but there are some bugs in Xoops)
- TCPDF was updated
- No changes in the translations (except some typo corrections in the english translation)
- Some changes in the templates

Version 1.64
- Correction of a bug in the csv export
- TCPDF was updated
- Correction of a bug in the products prices in the PDF catalog
- Addition of a pager in the module's index page
- Correction of a bug in the discount system, there was a problem when you was creating a discount with a starting and ending date
- Correction of a bug in the cart's template (for the link used to remove a product from the cart)
- New module option to select if you want to multiply the produt's shipping amount by the product's quantity.
  New translation in modinfo.php :

Version 1.63
- Bug correction in the PDF catalog
- Bug correction in the shipping's calculation (quantites was not used for shipping calculation)
- Bug correction in the cart/order tables (as a consequence, there was some bugs in the invoice and dashboard)
- Bugs corrections in the emails sent to the website and to the client after his/her order
- You have a plugin for RssFit & Sitemap

Version 1.62
- Correction of a bug in download.php (thank you Trabis)
- TCPDF was updated
- Correction of a bug when the product's quantity as changed in the cart (thank you Trabis)

Version 1.61
- Rajout d'une option permettant de désactiver la zone prix (des produits)
- Dans la fiche d'un produit, la liste des produits récents ne contient plus le produit en cours
- Ajout d'une zone cat_footer dans les catégories (pour pouvoir mettre un pied de page par catégorie)
- Eclatement de l'administration en plusieurs fichiers
- Ménage dans /admin/functions.php
- Ajout de cache aux flux RSS
- Beaucoup de refactorisation du code (conventions d'écriture)
- Ajout de ExtJs pour la page qui liste tous les produits
- Mise à jour de TCPDF
- Modification de la page des catégories afin de pouvoir y afficher les catégories mères ou les catégories filles (selon le cas) sur paramétrage (cf config.php)
- Introduction d'une nouvelle classe, une façade, pour traiter les produits (oledrion_shelf.php)
- Mise à jour de Cache Lite
- Ajout de l'écotaxe et du délai de livraison
- Ajout de la persistance du panier
- Ajout d'une option permettant de restreindre l'achat aux utilisateurs enregistrés
- Passage à la librairie "wideimage" pour la gestion des images (notamment le redimensionnement)
- Ajout d'une option permettant de redimensionner les images des produits et de créer automatiquement les vignettes
- Ajout d'une option permettant de redimensionner les images des catégories et des fabricants (aux dimensions définies pour les produits)
- Ajout d'options aux blocs pour qu'on puisse ne choisir comme période que le mois en cours
- Ajout d'une nouvelle classe pour passer les paramètres à la façade
- Changement de tous les entêtes Php afin d'être plus explicite sur la licence (à cause des voleurs de chez impress)

Version 1.6
- Refactorisation du code pour utiliser la classe oledrion_utils au lieu des fonctions contenues dans include/functions.php
- Mise à jour de TCPDF
- Remplacement des tous les book et livre par product et produit
- Mise à jour du PersistableObjectHandler
- Renommage des classes Lite et Pear avec le préfixe du module
- Correction d'un bug dans la notation (on pouvait donner la note qu'on voulait à un produit !)
- Possibilité de supprimer un produit depuis la fiche produit (côté utilisateur)
- Refactorisation du code pour la suppression des produits
- Rajout de config.php pour pouvoir choisir l'emplacement des images, des fichiers attachés, du pays par défaut et autres
- Dans les préférences du module (pour le séparateur des milliers), il est maintenant possible d'utiliser [space] pour "représenter" un espace (étant donné que Xoops supprime les espaces dans les options de modules)
- Possibilité de choisir où les fichiers sont téléchargés
- Rajout d'une option afin de pouvoir décider si on peut proposer à l'utilisateur de ne pas payer en ligne
- L'adresse email Paypal sert aussi d'indicateur pour activer ou désactiver le paiement en ligne
- Toutes les pages contiennent breadcrumb et publicité globale (ou de la catégorie)

Version 1.4
- Correction d'un bug lors de l'envoi du mail au client, le lien vers la facture n'était pas affiché
- Page d'accueil du module, il n'était pas possible d'afficher 0 produits
- Il manquait un espace dans la liste des revendeurs
- Même lorsque l'option "afficher les liens vers les produits précédents et suivants" était décochée, le titre du bloc était quand même visible
- La description courte et complète ne s'affichent plus si elles ne contiennent rien (le titre des blocs)

Version 1.3
15/11/2007 & 17/11/2007
- Ajout d'une gestion de cache avec Cache_Lite (de Pear)
- Possibilité de supprimer images et fichiers attachés dans les catégories, fabricants et produits
- Modification de toutes les classes pour fonctionner avec Php5
- Modification de l'ORM
- Rajout bloc de visualisation du caddy
- Correction d'un problème de formatage des montants dans la partie réductions (dans l'administratin)
- Le type mime dans le script permettant de télécharger un fichier est enfin correctement détecté (avec finfo) et l'affichage
  des fichiers envoyés est correct

Version 1.2
- Correction d'un bug dans l'administration du module, il était possible d'uploader n'importe quel type de fichier
- Dans l'administration, les noms des produits sont maintenant cliquables
- Mise à jour de tcpdf

Version 1.1
- Ajout de nouvelles préférences afin de mieux gérer la monnaie (sa position par exemple)
- Modification de tout le module pour tenir compte de la gestion de la monnaie
- Ajout de la classe oledrion_currency.php
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