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if(!defined('OI')) {
	print '<h1>Access Error</h1>Sorry, this file can not be accessed directly, this is strictly forbidden!';

$lang['search'] = 'Search';
$lang['se_post'] = 'Post Criteria:';
$lang['se_pcrit'] = 'You may enter; tags, title, keywords';
$lang['se_user'] = 'By User:';
$lang['se_ucrit'] = 'Enter part of the username to locate';
$lang['se_status'] = 'Status Criteria:';
$lang['se_statup'] = 'Status Update';
$lang['se_scrit'] = 'Enter keywords to locate in status updates';
$lang['se_nocrit'] = 'You did not enter any criteria.';
$lang['se_nores'] = 'Your search returned no results.';
$lang['se_crsmall'] = 'Your search criteria must be more than 3 characters';
$lang['se_posted'] = 'Posted By:';
$lang['se_results'] = 'Search Results';
$lang['se_more'] = '<a href="{oiv-1}" class="readMore">Click to see full article</a>';
$lang['se_fRes'] = 'The following search results were returned';
$lang['se_tRes'] = 'Your search returned the results listed below';
$lang['se_google'] = '<a href="http://www.google.com/search?q={oiv-1}" title="header=[Google Search] body=[Search <b>{oiv-1}</b> On <b>Google</b>]" target="_blank">Search <b>{oiv-1}</b> On <b>Google</b></a>';

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