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if(!defined('OI')) {
	print '<h1>Access Error</h1>Sorry, this file can not be accessed directly, this is strictly forbidden!';

$lang['pr_email'] = 'Email';
$lang['pr_last'] = 'Last Active';
$lang['pr_create'] = 'Joined';
$lang['pr_link'] = 'Link to profile:';
$lang['pr_mailme'] = 'Send an email to ';
$lang['pr_prefix'] = 'Profile of';
$lang['pr_nouid'] = 'You did not select a user profile to view.';
$lang['emailme'] = 'Send Email';
$lang['pr_follow'] = 'Follow User';
$lang['pr_off'] = 'Offline';
$lang['pr_off_ex'] = 'This user is currently offline';
$lang['pr_on'] = 'Online';
$lang['pr_on_ex'] = 'This user is online';
$lang['pr_report'] = 'Report User';
$lang['pr_info'] = 'Information';
$lang['pr_fling'] = 'following';
$lang['pr_nofeed'] = 'There is no feed to display for this user.';
$lang['pr_err_followself'] = 'You can\'t follow yourself.';
$lang['pr_err_allfoll'] = 'You are already following this user.';
$lang['pr_followdone'] = 'You are now following';
$lang['pr_dep'] = 'Depressing!';
$lang['pr_dep_er'] = 'This user has no followers.';
$lang['pr_dep_ing'] = 'This user is not following anyone.';
$lang['pr_picnew'] = 'Change picture';
$lang['pr_tips'] = 'Tips';
$lang['pr_picG1'] = 'The image you upload will be automatically cropped into a smaller version, so don\'t upload a small image';
$lang['pr_picG2'] = 'If you want to control how it will be cropped, upload a square picture.';
$lang['pr_picG3'] = 'Nudity or obscene images are not allowed.';
$lang['pr_picG4'] = 'Ensure you have permission to use the photo you\'re uploading.';
$lang['pr_picinfo'] = 'Maximum size of 700k. JPG, GIF, PNG.';
$lang['pr_up_failed'] = 'Illegal upload detected.';
$lang['pr_status'] = 'Status';
$lang['pr_vrss'] = 'View this users RSS Feed.';
$lang['pr_about'] = 'About Me';
$lang['uGroup'] = 'Group';
$lang['uGender'] = 'Gender';
$lang['uMale'] = 'Male';
$lang['uFemale'] = 'Female';
$lang['prWebsite'] = 'Website';
$lang['prLocation'] = 'Location';
$lang['prBio'] = 'Your Bio';
$lang['prTheme'] = 'Theme';
$lang['prLang'] = 'Language';
$lang['prRequired'] = 'The email field is required.';
$lang['pr_err_user'] = 'Username is already in use.';
$lang['pr_err_mail'] = 'The email {oiv-1} is already in use.';
$lang['prSaved'] = 'Saved successfully!';
$lang['prDisabled'] = 'Disabled - This field cannot be changed';
$lang['username'] = 'Username';
$lang['prEdit'] = 'Edit Profile';
$lang['curPass'] = 'Current Password';
$lang['prConfPass'] = 'Repeat Password';
$lang['prPassChange'] = 'Leave blank if this is not changing';
$lang['pr_err_pass'] = 'The passwords you entered were not the same';
$lang['pr_err_cpass'] = 'Your new password can not equal the same as your current password';
$lang['pr_err_pold'] = 'You did not enter your current password correctly';
$lang['pr_blank'] = 'One (or more) of the required fields were blank';
$lang['pr_dob'] = 'Date of Birth';
$lang['pr_year'] = 'Year:';

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