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if(!defined('OI')) {
	print '<h1>Access Error</h1>Sorry, this file can not be accessed directly, this is strictly forbidden!';

$lang['u_latest'] = 'Latest Feed:';
$lang['draft_saved'] = 'Your post was saved at';
$lang['po_lastedit'] = 'Last edited on';
$lang['pgNotPub'] = 'This page has not been published yet';
$lang['pgIsPub'] = 'This page has been published';
$lang['published'] = 'Publised';
$lang['draft'] = 'Draft';
$lang['pgPub'] = 'Publish now';
$lang['pgDraft'] = 'Save Draft';
$lang['pgSaved'] = 'This page has been saved';
$lang['lastSaved'] = 'Last saved';
$lang['twitRemoved'] = 'Status updates will no longer post to Twitter';

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