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if(!defined('OI')) {
	print '<h1>Access Error</h1>Sorry, this file can not be accessed directly, this is strictly forbidden!';

// English, OI.Blogs Version 1.0.0 [ Key Handler ]
// {scripturl} = Index URL
// {title} = Main Title
// {blogmail} = Mail Email
// {settings-{setting}} = Setting, e.g.
// 		{settings-ann_body} = Announcement Text
// {lang-{lang_string}} = Language Key e.g.
//		{lang-welcome} = $lang['welcome']
//		Contact {lang-home} = Contact Home
// {user-{user_value}} = User Information e.g.
//		{user-username} = Username [ Database ]
//		Welcome {user-uip} = Welcome
//		{lang-welcome} {user-username} = Welcome Admin

// Global Strings
// --> Header Strings
$lang['hello'] = 'Hello, ';
$lang['title'] = 'Admin Control Panel';
$lang['admin'] = 'Administration';
$lang['logout'] = 'Logout';
$lang['username'] = 'Username';
$lang['password'] = 'Password';
$lang['close'] = 'Close';
$lang['totcoms'] = 'Comments';
$lang['totdraft'] = 'Drafts';
$lang['version'] = 'OI.Blog Version';
$lang['devblog'] = 'Development Blog';
$lang['loading'] = 'Loading..';
$lang['utheme'] = 'Current blog theme is';
$lang['lfeed'] = 'Latest Feed';
$lang['statups'] = 'Status updates';
$lang['statuses'] = 'Statuses';
$lang['nostatups'] = 'There are currently no status updates';
$lang['followers'] = 'Followers';
$lang['following'] = 'Following';
$lang['follownote'] = 'Yes, your follower/following count should be the same!';
$lang['mostactv'] = 'Most active user is';
$lang['userstats'] = 'User Statistics';
$lang['viewblog'] = 'View Blog';

// --> All Strings
$lang['contact'] = 'Contact {title}';
$lang['se_keys'] = 'Keywords:';
$lang['empty'] = 'Your criteria returned no results.';
$lang['plugins'] = 'Plugins';
$lang['tools'] = 'Tools';
$lang['create'] = 'Create';
$lang['versionHistory'] = 'Version History';
$lang['checkVersion'] = 'Version Check';
$lang['database'] = 'Database';
$lang['bans'] = 'Bans';
$lang['trackips'] = 'Track IPs';
$lang['emails'] = 'Emails';
$lang['backup'] = 'Backup';
$lang['newpost'] = 'New Post';
$lang['newuser'] = 'New User';
$lang['newcat'] = 'New Category';
$lang['po_cmts_on'] = 'Enabled';
$lang['po_cmts_off'] = 'Disabled';
$lang['po_protect'] = 'Protected';
$lang['po_password'] = 'This post requires a password to view.';
$lang['updateav'] = 'An update for OI.Blogs is available. The latest version is';
$lang['newupdate'] = 'Update Available!';
$lang['nonewupdate'] = 'No Update Available!';
$lang['uptodate'] = 'You are using the latest version of OIBlogs.';
$lang['downloadupdate'] = 'Download the latest version from';

// Loggy Logster Login
$lang['lgn_1'] = 'Administrator Panel';
$lang['lgn_2'] = 'The password you entered did not match the administrator password';
$lang['lgn_3'] = 'You have no permissions to access this area, log sent to the administrator';
$lang['lgn_4'] = 'No administrator session detected';
$lang['lgn_5'] = 'Administrator Login';
$lang['lgn_6'] = 'Security Login';
$lang['lgn_7'] = 'You must login to access the AdminCP';

// Home Page
$lang['whatsup'] = "What's Happening?";

// Global Settings
$lang['settings'] = 'Settings';
$lang['genset'] = 'General';
$lang['blgsets'] = 'Blog Settings';
$lang['seoset'] = 'SEO URL\'s';
// --> Configuration
$lang['blogTitle'] = '<b>Blog Title</b><br />The main title for your blog';
$lang['blogMail'] = '<b>Blog Email</b><br />The main email for your blog, all outgoing email will be sent from this address';
$lang['blogLang'] = '<b>Language</b><br />The default language on your blog';
$lang['useSEO'] = '<b>Friendly URL\'s?</b><br />Convert all blog links into SEO (friendlier) links';
$lang['seoForce'] = '<b>Recreate .htaccess</b><br />Are you having problems with your SEO? Click this to force the creation of a new .htaccess file';
$lang['errorSEOFile'] = 'Your <b>.htaccess</b> file is not writeable. Please make the .htaccess file and insert the follow:';
$lang['blogTheme'] = '<b>Theme</b><br />The default theme on your blog (AdminCP is separate)';
$lang['allowReg'] = '<b>Enable Registration</b><br />Allow new users to register at your blog';
$lang['IEWarning'] = '<b>Warn IE</b><br />Display a warning to the user if they are using IE (even with disabled, the warn is displayed to IE6)';
$lang['useCron'] = '<b>Use Cronjobs</b><br />Enabled by default, performs regular blog tasks';
$lang['sendTwit'] = '<b>Twitter Profiles</b><br />When a user follows an @ tag in a status and the user isn\'t found on your blog, send them to Twitter';
$lang['postsPPage'] = '<b>Posts (PP)</b><br />How many posts want to display on each page';
$lang['searchPPage'] = '<b>Search Results (PP)</b><br />How many search results want to display on each page';
$lang['topAnnounce'] = '<b>Announcement</b><br />Display a message at the top of your blog';
$lang['portalHome'] = '<b>Portal Home</b><br />This makes the portal page the default home page, connecting with plugins to display the latest blog activity';
$lang['on-off'] = 'Offline/Online';
$lang['turnoff'] = 'Turn Offline';
$lang['off-text'] = 'Offline Message';
$lang['off-true'] = 'OFFLINE';
$lang['setsave'] = 'Your settings have been saved.';
$lang['setsave_error'] = 'An error occured whilst saving your settings.';
// --> Settings Errors
$lang['set_err_1'] = 'You did not select a default language';
$lang['set_err_2'] = 'You did not select a default theme';
$lang['set_err_3'] = 'You must enter a blog email';
$lang['set_err_4'] = 'You must enter a blog title';

// Management
$lang['man_title'] = 'Management';
$lang['man_user_det'] = 'Click here to user details for';
$lang['g_detfor'] = 'Click here to see details for:';
// --> User Section
$lang['users'] = 'Users';
$lang['ip'] = 'IP Address';
$lang['noUser'] = 'This user does not exist!';
$lang['editUser'] = 'Edit {oiv-1}\'s profile';
$lang['addUser'] = 'Create User';
$lang['password'] = 'Password';
$lang['email'] = 'Email Address';
// --> Category Section
$lang['man_cat'] = 'Manage Category';
$lang['man_cats'] = 'Categories';
$lang['cat_name'] = 'Category Name';
$lang['cat_desc'] = 'Description';
$lang['createcat'] = 'Create Category';
$lang['catname'] = 'Category Name';
$lang['cat_err_1'] = 'You did not enter a category name';
$lang['cat_err_2'] = 'You did not enter a category description';
$lang['cat_err_3'] = 'The category name you entered is already being used';
$lang['editcat'] = 'Edit Category';
$lang['cat_click'] = 'Click here to edit category \'<b>{oiv-1}</b>\'';
$lang['cat_err_4'] = 'This category does not exist';
$lang['cat_pass'] = 'A password is not required';
$lang['cat_close'] = 'Click to close editing window, your changes will be lost.';
// --> Tags Section
$lang['tag_name'] = 'Tag:';
$lang['tag_post'] = 'Linked post:';
$lang['newtag'] = 'Add Tag';
$lang['notags'] = 'There are no tags to display';
$lang['tag_insert'] = 'Tag added to post';
$lang['tag_error'] = 'An error occured adding the tag.';
$lang['tag_man'] = 'Tags';
// Tools Section
$lang['blogsecurtiy'] = 'Blog Security';
$lang['backedit'] = 'Operation completed successfully.';
$lang['notbacked'] = 'Problems occured whilst backing up.';
// --> Ban Tools
$lang['ban_ipuid'] = 'User/IP';
$lang['ban_edit_ext'] = 'Click here to edit this ban';
$lang['ban_del'] = 'Delete Ban';
$lang['ban_del_ext'] = 'Click here to delete this ban';
$lang['ban_empty'] = 'There are currently no banned IP\'s';
$lang['ban_edit'] = 'Edit Ban';
$lang['ban_opts'] = 'Ban Options';
$lang['ban_uid'] = 'User ID';
$lang['ban_lth'] = 'Length';
$lang['ban_days'] = 'Days';
$lang['ban_perm'] = 'Permanent';
$lang['ban_res'] = 'Ban Reason';
$lang['ban_by'] = 'Banned By:';
$lang['ban_13'] = 'Add New Ban';
$lang['ban_span'] = 'If you want to span an IP Address then you can enter the IP number into the second text box.';
$lang['ban_err_days'] = 'You must enter a ban length (In days)';
$lang['ban_err_ip'] = 'You must enter a primary IP address';
$lang['ban_err_txt'] = 'You must enter a ban reason';
$lang['ban_edsc'] = 'Ban details have been updated.';
// --> IP Tools
$lang['iplookup'] = 'IP Lookup';
$lang['banips'] = 'Banned IP\'s';
$lang['banaccs'] = 'Banned Accounts';
$lang['ipad'] = 'IP Address';
$lang['banreas'] = 'Ban Reason';
$lang['bantime'] = 'Banned Until';
$lang['bancheck'] = 'Are you sure you want to remove this ban?';
// --> Database Errors
$lang['db_err_1'] = 'The tables to be exported was not specified.';
$lang['db_err_2'] = 'The table {oiv-1} is not present in the database';
$lang['db_err_3'] = 'The compression method was not specified.';
$lang['db_err_4'] = 'The compression method you specified is invalid.';
$lang['db_err_5'] = 'The local storage path you chose is not writable.';
$lang['db_err_6'] = 'You must select either the <b>structure</b> or <b>data</b> or <b>both</b> to export. At least one must be chosen.';
$lang['db_err_7'] = 'Your server does not support Zip Compression.';
$lang['db_err_8'] = 'Your server does not support GZip Compression.';
$lang['db_err_9'] = 'Your server does not support BZip Compression.';
$lang['db_err_10'] = 'There were some errors while writing the file on the server. Check that the file does not already exist or that the directory is writable';
$lang['db_mes_1'] = "The backup was created successfully<br /><br />Saved to: {oiv-1}";
// --> Database Messages
$lang['db_1'] = 'Database Backup';
$lang['db_2'] = 'Database Backup Options';
$lang['db_3'] = 'Tables:';
$lang['db_4'] = 'Select the tables you want to backup.';
$lang['db_5'] = 'Select All';
$lang['db_6'] = 'Unselect All';
$lang['db_7'] = 'Structure:';
$lang['db_8'] = 'Add <b>DROP TABLE</b>';
$lang['db_9'] = 'Add <b>IF NOT EXISTS</b>';
$lang['db_10'] = 'Add <b>Auto Increment</b> values';
$lang['db_11'] = 'Enclose table and field names with <b>backquotes</b>';
$lang['db_12'] = 'Data:';
$lang['db_13'] = 'Use Delayed inserts';
$lang['db_14'] = 'Use Ignore inserts';
$lang['db_15'] = 'Compression:';
$lang['db_16'] = '&nbsp;None&nbsp;&nbsp;';
$lang['db_17'] = '&nbsp;Zip&nbsp;&nbsp;';
$lang['db_18'] = '&nbsp;GZip&nbsp;&nbsp;';
$lang['db_19'] = '&nbsp;BZip&nbsp;&nbsp;';
$lang['db_20'] = 'Save Locally:';
$lang['db_21'] = 'If you want to save the backup to your server, simply enter the path here..';
$lang['db_22'] = 'Start Backup';
$lang['db_23'] = 'Optimized';
$lang['db_24'] = 'Optimize Database';
$lang['db_25'] = 'Optimize';
$lang['db_26'] = 'In order to optimize the database, you must verify that you wish to carry out this operation<br /><br />To complete the database optimization, simply click the button beneath<br /><br /><b>Details:</b> Optimizing the database will not in any way change the database information stored in each of your tables. Optimizing the tables will simply compact the information and remove any error values from the tables, it is advised that this is ran once a week..';
$lang['db_27'] = 'Site Backup';
$lang['db_28'] = 'It is advised that you create backups of your site once every other week. By creating a backup it means that any changes made to your site will not be lost<br /><br />The backup file created in this backup will be stored in your root directory';
// --> User Tracking
$lang['track_6'] = 'Email Lookup';
$lang['track_7'] = 'There are no emails matching this information';
$lang['track_8'] = 'Email Addresses';
$lang['track_9'] = 'Search';
$lang['track_10'] = 'You must enter an email address in the appropriate format for the search to work [ <i>hide@address.com(com)(.)(uk)</i> ]';
// --> Plugins Area
// --> --> Errors
$lang['plug_err_1'] = 'This plugin has already been installed..';
$lang['plug_err_2'] = 'The specified plugin does not exist';
$lang['plug_err_3'] = 'Failed to locate the installation folders temporary files. Please manually delete them if they still exist &raquo; <a href="{adminURL}page=plugins">Plugin Home</a>';
$lang['plug_err_4'] = 'You did not a valid plugin id, please retry following a valid link';
$lang['plug_err_5'] = 'No Plugin';
$lang['plug_err_6'] = 'There are currently no plugins installed';
$lang['plug_err_7'] = 'This file does not exist at the location you specified {oiv-1}';
$lang['plug_err_8'] = 'The file you specified is not the correct format - <i>{oiv-1}</i>';
$lang['plug_err_9'] = '<i>Error with plugin</i>';
// --> --> Messages
$lang['plug_mes_1'] = 'The installation completed succesfully &raquo; <a href="{adminURL}page=plugins">Please Refresh</a>';
$lang['plug_mes_2'] = 'Plugin disabled succesfully';
$lang['plug_mes_3'] = 'Plugin enabled succesfully';
$lang['plug_mes_4'] = '- This has not yet been installed';
$lang['plug_mes_5'] = 'Install Plugin';
$lang['plug_mes_6'] = 'and a corresponding installation file has been found';
$lang['plug_mes_7'] = 'Plugin uninstalled succesfully';
$lang['plug_mes_8'] = 'Plugin installed succesfully';
$lang['plug_mes_9'] = '<b>Notice:</b> An update is available for this plugin';
// --> --> Installing
$lang['plug_uninstall'] = 'Uninstall';
$lang['plug_update'] = 'Update';
$lang['plug_avups'] = 'Updates available';
$lang['plug_ins_1'] = 'Install Plugin';
$lang['plug_ins_2'] = 'To install a plugin you can either upload a file manually or enter the direct location to the ZIP file containing the plugins content.';
$lang['plug_ins_3'] = 'There was an error whilst uploading the file, it either already exists or could not be made (CHMOD errors)';
$lang['plug_ins_4'] = 'The file type uploaded can not be uploaded, only ZIP archived compression is allowed';
$lang['plug_ins_5'] = 'A file already exists with the same name..';
$lang['plug_ins_6'] = 'Add Plugin';
$lang['plug_ins_7'] = '(Leave blank if you selected a file)';
// --> Create Post
$lang['po_err_1'] = 'You must enter a post title';
$lang['po_err_2'] = 'You must select a category';
$lang['po_err_3'] = 'You must enter some post content';
$lang['po_err_4'] = 'This post does no exist';
$lang['po_err_5'] = 'You have already entered this tag.';
$lang['savepost'] = 'Save Post';
$lang['createPost'] = 'Create Post';
$lang['publish'] = 'Publish';
$lang['po_pubd'] = 'Published';
$lang['add'] = 'Add';
$lang['delpost'] = 'Delete Post';
$lang['delpost_click'] = 'Click here to delete the post ';
$lang['delsuc'] = 'The post was deleted.';
$lang['view_drf'] = 'View Drafts';
$lang['view_psts'] = 'View Posts';
$lang['po_title'] = 'Post Title:';
$lang['closeConf'] = 'The changes you made will be lost if you navigate away from this page.';
$lang['po_notpub'] = 'This post has not been published, would you like to publish it?<br /><br />Press <b>cancel</b> if you do not wish to publish the post<br />Press <b>confirm</b> if you wish to publish the post';
$lang['po_draft'] = 'Draft';
$lang['po_draft_exp'] = 'Save this post as a draft';
$lang['po_opts'] = 'Options';
$lang['po_comment_on'] = 'Allow Comments';
$lang['po_lastedit'] = 'Last edited on';
$lang['editPost'] = 'Edit Post';
$lang['totPosts'] = 'Posts';
// --> Pages
$lang['pages'] = 'Pages';
$lang['noPages'] = 'There are no pages';
$lang['addaPage'] = 'Add Page';
$lang['addPage'] = 'Add new page';
$lang['editPage'] = 'Edit page';
$lang['pTitle'] = 'Title:';
$lang['pDesc'] = 'Description:';
$lang['pStatus'] = 'Status:';
$lang['pKey'] = 'Page Key';
$lang['pKeyWhat'] = 'The page key is the part on the end of the URL which gives access to this page. They must be unique.';
$lang['pKeyAv'] = 'Available';
$lang['pKeyNav'] = 'Not Available';
$lang['pKeyCur'] = 'Current Key';
$lang['lastSaved'] = 'Last saved';
$lang['lastUpdated'] = 'Last updated';
$lang['pgCreated'] = 'Created on';
$lang['deletePage'] = 'Delete page';
$lang['confDel'] = 'Confirm Deletion';
$lang['confDelPage'] = 'Are you sure you want to delete this page? This action is irreversible';
$lang['yeahMan'] = 'Yeah man - do it!';
$lang['pageTrueDel'] = 'The page was deleted!';
// --> Comments
$lang['editCmts'] = 'Edit Comments';
$lang['author'] = 'Author';
$lang['comment'] = 'Comment';
$lang['inpost'] = 'In post';
$lang['nocmts'] = 'There are no comments';
$lang['added'] = 'Added';

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