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;	$Id: ows_bots.txt 55 2007-07-18 15:27:16Z randomperson83 $
;	List of bots -- Pretty simple format:
;		[string] \tabs [name of bot]
;	Where string is the string in the agent-string to look for
;	At this time, this list is not meant to be strictly authorative. In fact, its
;	entirely possible that this list incorrectly lists things that aren't bots. 
;	If you find that this is the case, let me know and I'll fix it.

;"big" bots.. 
msnbot-media					MSN Media
msnbot							MSN
Googlebot-Image					Google Images
Googlebot						Google
Mediapartners-Google			Google Adsense
Yahoo! Slurp					Yahoo!
YahooFeedSeeker					Yahoo! Feed Seeker
Yahoo-Blogs/					Yahoo! Blogs
Yahoo-MMCrawler/				Yahoo! MMCrawler
YahooSeeker/					Yahoo! Mobile?
Ask Jeeves/Teoma				Ask.com
Baiduspider						Baidu
Technoratibot/					Technorati
archive.org_bot					Archive.org
;other bots
ia_archiver						Alexa
libwww-perl						libwww-perl based crawler
Nutch							Nutch-based crawler
; random bots I got from my own website logs and other contributed bots

AboutUsBot/						AboutUs
BecomeBot/						Become
Blogslive						Blogslive
BlogsNowBot						BlogsNowBot
BlogPulseLive					BlogPulseLive
boitho.com-dc/					Boitho
ConveraCrawler/					ConveraCrawler
del.icio.us-thumbnails			del.icio.us
e-SocietyRobot					e-SocietyRobot
Entireweb						Entireweb Speedy Spider
EmeraldShield.com Web Spider	EmeraldShield
Exabot							Exabot
FAST Enterprise Crawler			FAST Enterprise Crawler
FacebookFeedParser				Facebook Notes
Feedster Crawler/				Feedster
genieBot						genieBot
Gigabot							Gigabot
gsa-crawler						Google Search Appliance (not google)
gsa-crawler-upgrade-config		Google Search Appliance (not google)
Girafabot						Girafat
GurujiBot/						GurujiBot
heritrix/						Heritrix-based crawler
holmes/							Holmes
ichiro/							ichiro
ICC-Crawler						ICC-Crawler
Interseek						Interseek
IRLbot							IRL Crawler
Jigsaw/							W3C CSS Validator
Labrador/						Labrador
larbin_							larbin
LeapTag							LeapTag
LinksManager.com_bot			LinksManager
Megaglobe Crawler/				Megaglobe Crawler
MyFamilyBot/					MyFamilyBot
MojeekBot/						Mojeek
Moreoverbot/					Moreover
MJ12bot/						MJ12bot
MSIECrawler						MSIE Offline Favorites
MSRBOT							Microsoft Research Bot
NetResearchServer/				NetResearchServer
NextGenSearchBot				NextGenSearchBot
OGSearchSpider					OG Search
OmniExplorer_Bot/				OmniExplorer_Bot
OutfoxBot/						Outfox
Pingdom GIGRIB					Pingdom
pythonic-crawler				pythonic-crawler
psbot/							psbot
QihooBot						QihooBot
Quantcastbot/					Quantcastbot
SBIder							SBIder
semanticdiscovery/				Semantic Discovery
SEOChat::Bot					SEOChat Bot
SeznamBot/						Seznam
Shim-Crawler					Shim-Crawler
Snapbot							Snap Shots
SnapPreviewBot					SnapPreviewBot
Sogou web spider				Sogou
So-net RSS Crawler				So-net RSS Crawler
Sphere Scout					Sphere Scout
sproose/						Sproose
SurveyBot/						SurveyBot
UniversalFeedParser				Universal Feed Parser based bot
Touche							Touche
TridentSpider/					Trident 
Twiceler-						Twiceler
VadixBot						VadixBot
VoilaBot						Voila
voyager/						voyager
VSynCrawler/					VSynCrawler
wwwster/						wwwster
W3C_Validator/					W3C Validator
WebaltBot/						WebaltBot
WebRankSpider/					WebRankSpider
yacy							yacy
Yeti/							Yeti
YodaoBot/						YodaoBot
Yoriwa/							Yoriwa
ZyBorg/							ZyBorg

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