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cuckold, they would make themselves whores
whore, who now are levying
I' the posture of a whore.
Triple-turn'd whore! 'tis thou
whoreson devils do the gods
Thou whoreson, senseless villain
and then a whoreson jackanapes must
Whoreson dog! I give him satisfaction
she hath bought the name of whore thus dearly
like a whore) unpack my heart with words
whoreson dead body. Here's a skull
whoreson, mad fellow's it was
whoreson caterpillars! 
you whoreson round man
whoreson obscene greasy tallow
whoremaster, that I utterly deny
whoreson, impudent, emboss
Thou whoreson mandrake
whoreson achitophel!
whoreson smooth-pates
whoreson apoplexy
a whoreson tingling
whoreson upright rabbit
poor whore's ruff in a bawdy
whoreson little valiant villain, you!
thy face. Come on, you whoreson
whoreson little tidy Bartholomew
Let's beat him before his whore.
whoreson mad compound of majesty
whoreson candle-mine
a whoreson cold, sir,
whores call'd him mandrake
giv'st whores indulgences 
lords: the sly whoresons
whoreson must be acknowledged. do you know this noble
admirable evasion of whore
Leave thy drink and thy whore
action-taking, whoreson
whoreson cullionly
Thou whoreson zed
that arrant whore
whores do churches build
boy's love, or a whore's oath.
thou lash that whore?
whoreson loggerhead,
show'd like a rebel's whore.
deputy cannot abide a whore
whore and your powder'd bawd
whores, sir, being members of my occu  
Highness, do not marry me to a whore.
name her, child, if she be a whore.
thou prove my love a whore
he hath given it his whore.
This is a subtle whore,
to write "whore" upon?
What, not a whore?
cunning whore of Venice
hath so bewhored her
call her whore? Who keeps her company?
taint my love. I cannot say "whore."
folly, and she was a whore.
Villainous whore!
man! a very good whore!' Why, is not
a merry whoreson, ha!
whoreson malt-horse 
whoreson villain! will
hang, you whoreson, insolent 
whores and knaves
account thee a whoremaster 
Thou common whore of mankind
fell whore of thine
Be a whore still
whore forswear 
whore, more mischief first
Zounds, ye whore
You whoreson cur!
whore and a cuckold-a good 
whoreson dog, that shall 
he, the heavier for a whore.
his masculine whore. Now
mind is now turn'd whore.
whore: the parrot will 
whoreson tisick, a whoreson
whore there might send that Greekish whore
Hold thy whore, Grecian
son of a whore fight for a whore
thou whoreson ass,
How now, you whoreson
heir of a mongrel bitch  !bitch
blind bitch's puppies, fifteen
Thou bitch-wolf's
upon a foul slut 
slut, though I thank the gods 
Queen hates sluts
whores a bawd. Hold up, you sluts
honesty upon a foul slut 
Spare for no fagots
fagot to bright-burning 
cum aliis
cum privilegio
through the chink of a wall
Walls chink, poor souls
nips his root
Nip not the gaudy 
waste in niggarding
beauteous niggard
niggard truth would willingly
Time such a niggard
to a niggardly host
Niggard of question
weak and niggardly projection
the devil is a niggard
niggard with a little rest
niggard of your speech
niggardly give me sight
niggard nature fall
the niggardly rascally
pissing conduit run 
piss my tallow
horse-piss at which my
bless the mark, a pissing
thou be'st not an ass
braggart shall be found an ass
ass, am onion-ey'd
Caesar ass
That any man turn ass,
'tis to an ass
'Tis so, I am an ass
thou art an ass
heels, and beware of an ass
thy name for an ass
I am an ass, I am a woman's man
blows, and so is an ass
I am an ass indeed; you may prove it
find the ass in compound with
entomb'd in an ass's
ass it is! Then thou
an ass, which is no great hurt
yield the world this ass!
Then came each actor on his ass
Why, what an ass am I! This is most brave
it, for your dull ass will
ass now o'erreaches
unless a woman should be made an ass
virtuous ass
Cheshu, he is an ass
ass, and a fool, and a prating
ass my friend, Captain
Alcides' shows upon an ass
But, ass, I'll take that burden
as the ass bears gold,
ass, to shake his ears
thine ass
ass know when the cart
to be ambassador for an ass
ass upon the horse, for
Therefore, as he is an ass, let him go
For the ass to the Jude
ass whose back with ingots
luxury, an ass, a madman
drunk, yet I am not altogether an ass
Page is an ass, a secure ass
that I am made an ass
and BOTTOM with an ass's head
an ass-head of your own
knavery: this is to make an ass of me
ass's nole I fixed on his head
straightway lov'd an ass
I am such a tender ass, if
enamour'd of an ass
Man is but an ass if he
prove an ass.
Away! you are an ass, you are an ass
write me down an ass! But, masters,
ass. Though it be not written down, yet
ass. No, thou villain
writ down an ass!
shall serve, that I am an ass
me ass. I beseech
time, much like his master's ass,
egregiously an ass
burden like an ass,
woodcock, what an ass it is
Preposterous ass, that never read
horse, my ox, my ass
ass! His name is Lucentio
thrice-double ass
o' th' ass
ass more captain than the lion
thou wert the ass
the ass broke the wall, that thou
Now, what a thing it is to be an ass
scurvy valiant ass
might water an ass at it
wit, turn him to? To an ass, were
ass and ox. To 
ox and ass. To 
young Troyan ass
I think so; I am not such an ass but I can keep my
Welcome, ass. Now let's have a catch.
an affection'd ass that
horse now would make him an ass.
Ass, I doubt not.
make an ass o' me
praise me and make an ass of me
foes tell me plainly I am an ass
an ass-head and a coxcomb
Away, ass! You'll
What an ass art thou
That such an ass should owe them.
What cracker is this same that deafs
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