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There is no perfect method to completely eliminate the use of racially or ethnically offensive words in a participatory website. The use of offensive words can be greatly mitigated by using as many of the following steps as possible:

1) Before allowing website visitors to participate, require them to login and provide an identity. The stronger the identity the better, although most users are averse to entering personally identifiable information. 
2) Some racially or ethnically offensive words that also have a non-offensive meaning can be difficult to detect. When used in an offensive manner these words are almost always accompanied by profanity and the overall text entered will therefore be flagged as offensive regardless of whether the ethnically offensive term is detected. Words such as these must be kept in mind when editing the local filter file. For instance, it is probably a mistake to enter the word "ass" as offensive in the local filter file. This word is used 76 times in the Bible to refer to the animal.
3) Encourage users to spell check blogs, guest book entires and on-line forms. Misspelled words might be misinterpreted. Warn the user that excessive mispels may cause there post to be rejected.
4) If the detection of a bad word is certain then it is recommended that the website admin NOT return an explanatory message to the offender. This kind of message only encourages more attempts at entering offensive language. Instead, forward the user to the Homepage or some other website with no explanation.
5) Different people have differing levels of tolerance for the use of offensive words. Adjust your tolerance level with the ObsceneClean "severity" parameter.

Words with an archaic meaning are generally not considerd offensive.
You cannot list the OWs in OC but you can test for OWs in the master list.  Simply attempt to enter text on the web page (blog, Guest book, form, etc.) that is checked with OC. If the all of text is accepted the word(s) were filtered out with OC. 
OC attemtps to detect offensive words. It does not determine if an offensive word was used in a non-insulting way. For instance, a civil rights organization may discuss a racially offensive word. In this case, OC only detects that the word is present. OC does determine whether the offensive word is acceptable under certain circumstances. The local administrator of OC will have to decide whether to put the offensive word in the safe list or not.

If israel is in antag is israeli needed? Yes. becuase the antagonistic matching is a word for word comparison and not a string search. The string searches ignore word boundaries. Insulting and qty words do a string search.
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