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   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
   (at your option) any later version.

   @Authors:	Ryan Thompson(hide@address.com)
/*$Id: osgw.inc.php,v 1.47 2004/05/04 05:32:42 rthomp Exp $*/
//Create required classes
$O 			= create_class('osgw','osgw');
$session 	= create_class('session','session');
$user 		= create_class('user','user');
$setup		= create_class('setup','config');
$db			= create_class('db',"db_".$db_type);
$date		= create_class('date','date');
$groups 	= create_class('groups','groups');
$help 		= create_class('help','help');
$lang 		= create_class('lang','language');
$html		= create_class('html','html');		//MUST be created ahead of layout as layout is an extension of
$layout		= create_class('layout','layout');
$error 		= create_class('error','error');
$tracker 	= create_class('tracker','tracker');
$security	= create_class('security','security');
$share		= create_class('share', 'sharing');
$category	= create_class('category', 'categories');

//Set some varibles
$O->url = $root_url;
$O->dir = $root_dir;
$O->ssl = $ssl;
//Get rid of.
$O->debug = $debug;
$error->debug_status = $debug;
$layout->sitename = $sitename;
$layout->sitelogo = $logo;

$db->host = $db_host;
$db->user = $db_user;
$db->password = $db_password;
$db->database = $db_name;
$db->db_type = $db_type;

$security->ssl = $ssl;

//Get global variables and constants.

require "{$O->dir}/osgw/global.inc.php";

	die("Error Connecting to database");

//We can't run if the db version and script version are incompatible

//If we require a session to access this page then make sure the session is valid
//If it's not redirect to login.
	//Need to verify integrity of COOKIE still.
	if(!isset($_COOKIE['o_session']) || !$session->verify_session($_COOKIE['o_session']))



$O->current_service = $service['name'];

//We need this condition or it will look for root theme data in a place that doesn't exist.
//----Needs further testing
if(getcwd() != $O->dir)
	$service_location = explode($O->change_str('/'),getcwd());
	$l = count($service_location);
	$O->current_location = $service_location[$l];
} else {
	$O->current_location = 'osgw';	

//If a valid session exist load it. Otherwise Startup defaults or redirect

	if($security->get_access_level($user->user_id, $service['code']) == 0)
		//Home is a specially handled service and therefore not in the user rights table. 
		//This may change in the future
		if($service['code'] != 'hm')
		//Add admin notification The adminstrator has been notified
			exit('You\'re not allowed to access this script so stop trying.');
} else {
	//This means we don't have a user - No session.
	//To prevent crashes we use the default. This is only effective for global access pages like login
	$user->user_id = 1;


//Don't like this working like it does.
if(!strstr(getcwd(), '/config'))
	$layout->initialize_layout($service['add_header'], $user->user_id, $service['code']);
	$tracker->update_tracker(getcwd(), $user->user_id);
	$lang->current_service = $service['code'];
	$text = &$lang->get_messages($service['code']);

//May not need anymore. Can't remember it's requirement
$here = getcwd();

	@Function: 	create_class()
 	@Date: 		7-Apr-2002
 	@Author: 	Ryan Thompson
 	@Description:	Creates Classes
 	@Variables: 	$classname - The name of class being created
 			$classfile - The file the class is in.

 function create_class($classname, $classfile)
 	GLOBAL $root_dir;

	$class_path = $root_dir ."/osgw/classes";
 	$classfile = "class.".$classfile.".php";
 	$cls = new $classname;
 	return $cls;

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