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Version 2.0.0 - 05 March 2011
 - Complete rewrite, more reliable, better performance
 - TinyMCE editor replaces FCKEditor
 - JQuery javascript framework replaces BBC's Glow Javascript Framework
 - Minified Jquery loaded from Google CDN
 - Dialog integrated notification of bad username or password
 - config.php allows domain name to be set, rather than rely of PHP server vars 	 
 - nuggetz.php loader renamed init.php
 - UI refreshed with CSS 3.0
Version 1.0.3 - 26/05/2010
 - Improved session verification before allowing saving of data. Thanks to High-Tech Bridge of Switzerland
 - Checks to ensure DOM is ready before before running Glow functions
 - Notification of bad username/password in progress, but for now included a basic notification 
   of incorrect username or password provided by Marcin Kierklo - Thanks.  

Version 1.0.2 - 16/02/2010
 - Implemented better warning control, so behaves on more PHP installations.

Version 1.0.1 - 10/12/2009
 - Nuggetz.css amended to restrict a:link styles interferring with website css
 - ajaxsave.php amended with session check and better sanitisation of variables. Thanks to Amol Naik.
 - Bug fix, empty nuggetz could create problems, so prevented saving empty nuggetz.

Version 1.0 - 01/12/2009
 - First stable release
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