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* --------------------------------------------------------------------------
*                                    NuclearBB
*                              (c) 2007 NuclearBB
* --------------------------------------------------------------------------
*  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
*  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
*  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
*  (at your option) any later version.
* --------------------------------------------------------------------------

$lang += array(
	'ACTIVATION_METHOD'				=>	'Activation Method',
	'ADD_BAD_WORD'					=>	'Add Bad Word',
	'ADD_BAN'						=>	'Add Ban',
	'ADD_INFRACTION'				=>	'Add Infraction',
	'ADD_RANK'						=>	'Add Rank',
	'ADMIN'							=>	'Admin',
'ADMINISTRATION_LOGS'=>'Administration Logs',
	'ADMIN_ACTIVITY'				=>	'Admin Activity',
'ADMIN_ACTIVITY_LOG'=>'Admin Activity Log',
	'ADMIN_HOME'					=>	'Administration Home',
	'ADMIN_INDEX'					=>	'Administration Index',
	'ADMIN_MODULE_NO_EXIST'			=>	'Sorry, but the selected module does not exist or has been disabled',
	'ADMIN_NOTES'					=>	'Admin Notes',
	'ANNOUNCE_TOPIC'				=>	'Make normal topics announced',
	'APPROVE_NEW_TOPICS'			=>	'Approve New Topics',
	'APPROVE_POST'					=>	'Approve Posts',
	'APPROVE_REPLIES'				=>	'Approve Replies',
	'AVATAR_OPTIONS'				=>	'Avatar Options',
	'BAD_WORD'						=>	'Bad Word',
	'BOARD_EMAIL'					=>	'Board email Address',
'BOARD_EMAIL_FOOTER'=>'Board Email Footer',
	'BOARD_NAME'					=>	'Board Name',
	'BOARD_ONLINE'					=>	'Board Online?',
	'BOARD_TAGLINE'					=>	'Board Tagline',
	'BOARD_URL'						=>	'Board URL',
	'CAPTCHA_NOISE'					=>	'CAPTCHA Noise',
	'CATEGORY'						=>	'Category',
'CENSOR_MANAGEMENT'=>'Censor Management',
	'CIRCLES'						=>	'Circles',
	'CLICK_RETURN_TEXT'				=>	'Click <a href="%s">here</a> to return to where you were previously<br />Click <a href="%s">here</a> to return to the admin index',
	'CONFIGURATION'					=>	'Configuration',
	'CONFIG_POSTING'				=>	'Posting Options',
	'CONFIRM_ACTION'				=>	'Confirm Action',
	'CONFIRM_DELETE_FORUM'			=>	'Are you sure that you want to delete this forum and all of the topics and posts it contains?',
	'CONFIRM_DELETE_TASK'			=>	'Are you sure you want to delete this task?',
	'CONFIRM_DELETE_WORD'			=>	'Are you sure you want to delete this bad word?',
	'COOKIE_DOMAIN'					=>	'Cookie Domain',
	'COOKIE_NAME'					=>	'Cookie Name',
	'COOKIE_OPTIONS'				=>	'Cookie Options',
	'COOKIE_PATH'					=>	'Cookie Path',
	'COOKIE_SECURE'					=>	'Cookie Secure?',
'COOKIE_SETTINGS'=>'Cookie Settings',
	'COPPA_FAX'						=>	'COPPA Fax Number',
	'COPPA_MAIL'					=>	'COPPA Mailing Address',
	'COPPA_OPTIONS'					=>	'COPPA Options',
	'COUNT_HITS'					=>	'Count Hits',
	'CREATE'						=>	'Create',
	'CREATE_CATEGORY'				=>	'Create Category',
	'CREATE_FORUM'					=>	'Create Forum',
	'CREATE_GROUP'					=>	'Create Group',
	'CREATE_MODULE'					=>	'Create Module',
	'CREATE_NEW'					=>	'Create New',
'CREATE_NEW_GROUP'=>'Create New Group',
'CREATE_NEW_INFRACTION'=>'Create new infractions',
'CREATE_NEW_MODULE'=>'Create New Module',
'CREATE_RANK'=>'Create Rank',
	'CREATE_TASK'					=>	'Create Task',
	'DAY'							=>	'Day',
	'DAYS'							=>	'Days',
	'DEFAULT_STYLE'					=>	'Default Style',
	'DELETE_POST'					=>	'Delete Posts',
	'DEVELOPED_BY'					=>	'Developed By',
'DEVELOPER_INFO'=>'A list of the developers and their skills is available on <a href="http://www.nuclearbb.com/index.php?page=the-team">this page</a> of the NuclearBB website. ',
	'DEVELOPMENT_INFORMATION'		=>	'Development Information',
	'DEVELOPMENT_TEAM'				=>	'Development Team',
	'DUPLICATE_POST_LIMIT'			=>	'Duplicate Post Limit',
	'EDIT_BAD_WORD'					=>	'Edit Bad Word',
	'EDIT_CENSOR'					=>	'Edit Censor',
	'EDIT_CREATE_FORUM'				=>	'Edit/Create Forum',
	'EDIT_FORUM'					=>	'Edit Forum',
	'EDIT_FORUM_PERMS'				=>	'Editing Forum Permissions',
	'EDIT_GROUP'					=>	'Edit Group',
	'EDIT_INFRACTION'				=>	'Edit Infraction',
	'EDIT_MODULE'					=>	'Edit Modules',
	'EDIT_OTHERS_POSTS'				=>	'Edit Other Peoples Posts',
	'EDIT_OWN_POSTS'				=>	'Edit Own Posts',
	'EDIT_PERMS'					=>	'Edit Permissions',
	'EDIT_RANK'						=>	'Edit Rank',
	'EDIT_SMILEY'					=>	'Edit Smiley',
	'EDIT_TASK'						=>	'Edit Task',
	'EDIT_USER'						=>	'Edit User',
	'EMAIL_BANS'					=>	'Email Bans',
	'EMAIL_OPTIONS'					=>	'Email Options',
	'EMAIL_SIGNATURE'				=>	'Email Signature',
	'ENABLED'						=>	'Enabled',
	'ENABLE_COPPA'					=>	'Enable COPPA',
'ERROR_LOGS'=>'Error Logs',
	'EXPIRES'						=>	'Expires',
'EXPLAIN_GROUP_TYPE'=>'<ul><li>If set to free, anyone may join the group without approval.</li>
<li>If set to hidden, users may only be invited to join by the leader or be added by admin. The group does not appear to exist in the groups area of the forum.</li>
<li>If set to private, users may only be invited to join by the leader or be added by admin.</li>
<li>If set to request, users must ask the group leader to join the group.</li></ul>',
	'EXPORT'						=>	'Export',
	'FORUM'							=>	'Forum',
	'FORUMS'						=>	'Forums',
	'FORUM_CATEGORY_NAME'			=>	'Category Name',
	'FORUM_DESCRIPTION'				=>	'Forum Description',
	'FORUM_LOCKED'					=>	'Forum Locked',
	'FORUM_MANAGEMENT'				=>	'Forum Management',
	'FORUM_NO_EXIST'				=>	'That forum does not exist so you cannot edit it. Please press the back button on your browser to try again.',
	'FORUM_OPTIONS'					=>	'Forum Options',
	'FORUM_PERMISSIONS'				=>	'Forum Permissions',	
	'FORUM_TYPE'					=>	'Forum Type',
	'GENERAL_CONFIG'				=>	'General Configuration',
	'GLOBALISE_TOPIC'				=>	'Make normal topics global',
	'GLOBAL_PERMISSIONS'			=>	'Global Permissions',
	'GROUP_COLOUR'					=>	'Group Colour',
'GROUP_FREE'=>'Free to join',
'GROUP_REQUEST'=>'Request to join',
'GROUP_TYPE'=>'Group Type',
	'GUEST'							=>	'Guest',
	'HIDE_POST'						=>	'Hide Posts',
	'HOUR'							=>	'Hour',
	'HOURS'							=>	'Hours',
	'IGNORE'						=>	'Ignore',
	'IMAGE'							=>	'Image',
	'INCREMENT_POST_COUNT'			=>	'Increment Post Count',
	'INFRACTIONS'					=>	'Infractions',
	'INFRACTION_AFFECTS'			=>	'Infraction Affects',
	'INFRACTION_NAME'				=>	'Infraction Name',
	'INSTALLED_STYLES'				=>	'Installed Styles',
	'INSTALL_DIR_PRESENT'			=>	'Please delete the Install directory to prevent malicious visitors harming your board',
	'IP_ADDRESS'					=>	'IP Address',
	'IP_BANS'						=>	'IP Bans',
	'IS_SPECIAL_RANK'				=>	'Special Rank?',
	'LETTERS'						=>	'Letters',
	'LIFT_BAN'						=>	'Lift Ban',
	'LINES'							=>	'Lines',
	'LINK_FORUM'					=>	'Link Forum',
	'LINK_FORUM_OPTIONS'			=>	'Link Forum Options',
	'LINK_URL'						=>	'Link URL',
	'LOCK_TOPIC'					=>	'Lock topics',
	'MANAGE'						=>	'Manage',
	'MANAGE_ACP_MODULES'			=>	'Module Manager',
	'MANAGE_BANS'					=>	'Manage Bans',
	'MANAGE_CENSORS'				=>	'Manage Censors',
	'MANAGE_FORUMS'					=>	'Manage Forums',
	'MANAGE_GROUPS'					=>	'Manage Groups',
	'MANAGE_MODULES'				=>	'Module Manager',
	'MANAGE_RANKS'					=>	'Manage Ranks',
	'MANAGE_SMILIES'				=>	'Manage Smilies',
	'MAX_AVATAR_HEIGHT'				=>	'Maximum Avatar Height',
	'MAX_AVATAR_WIDTH'				=>	'Maximum Avatar Width',
	'MAX_USERNAME_LENGTH'			=>	'Maximum Username Length',
	'MERGE_POSTS'					=>	'Merge Posts',
	'MINUTE'						=>	'Minute',
	'MINUTES'						=>	'Minutes',
	'MODERATE'						=>	'Moderate',
'MODERATION_LOGS'=>'Moderation Logs',
	'MODULE_FILE'					=>	'Module File',
'MODULE_MANAGER'=>'Module Manager',
	'MODULE_NAME'					=>	'Module Manager',
	'MONTHS'						=>	'Months',
	'MOVE_DOWN'						=>	'Move Down',
	'MOVE_UP'						=>	'Move Up',
	'NEVER'							=>	'Never',
	'NEW_BAD_WORD'					=>	'New Bad Word',
	'NEW_BAN'						=>	'New Ban',
	'NEW_CATEGORY'					=>	'New Category',
	'NEW_FORUM'						=>	'New Forum',
	'NEW_GROUP'						=>	'New Group',
	'NEW_INFRACTION'				=>	'New Infraction',
'NEW_INFRACTION_NAME'=>'New infraction name',
	'NEW_MODULE'					=>	'New Module',
	'NEW_RANK'						=>	'New Rank',
'NEW_SMILEY_SET'=>'New Smiley Set',
	'NEW_TASK'						=>	'New Task',
	'NEW_WORD'						=>	'New Word',
	'NEXT_RUN'						=>	'Next Run',
	'NONE'							=>	'None',
	'NORMALISE_TOPIC'				=>	'Make special topics normal',
	'NORMAL_RANKS'					=>	'Normal Ranks',
	'NO_BANS'						=>	'No Bans',
	'NO_BAN_SELF'					=>	'You cannot ban yourself',
	'NO_DELETE_FORUM_HAS_CHILDREN'	=>	'You cannot delete that forum as it contains subforums. Please remove those subforums first before continuing.',
	'NO_IMAGE'						=>	'No Image',
	'NO_JAVASCRIPT_ENABLED'			=>	'In order for some NuclearBB features to work properly, you must enable JavaScript. Go to your browser settings where you will be given the option to enable it.',
	'NO_INFRACTIONS_EXIST'			=>	'No Infractions Exist',
	'NO_RANK'						=>	'No Rank',
	'NO_WORDS'						=>	'There are no bad words defined',
	'NUCLEARBB_VERSION'				=>	'NuclearBB Version',
	'OFFLINE_MESSAGE'				=>	'Offline Message',
	'OFFLINE_OPTIONS'				=>	'Offline Options',
	'OPERATION_SUCCESSFUL'			=>	'Operation Successful',
	'OP_SUCCESSFUL'					=>	'The requested operation was successfully performed',
	'PERMISSIONS'					=>	'Permissions',
'PERSONAL_INFORMATION'=>'Personal Information',
	'PER_FORUM_PERMISSIONS'			=>	'Forum Permissions',
	'PHP_VERSION'					=>	'PHP Version',
	'PICK_FORUMS'					=>	'Pick Forums (Hold control to select several)',
	'PICK_GROUP'					=>	'Pick Group',
	'POST'							=>	'Create Posts',
'POSTING_OPTIONS'=>'Posting Options',
	'POSTS_PER_PAGE'				=>	'Posts Per Page',
'POSTS_REQUIRED'=>'Posts Required',
	'QUICK_LINKS'					=>	'Quick Links',
	'RANK_IMAGE'					=>	'Rank Image',
	'RANK_NAME'						=>	'Rank Name',
	'RANK_POSTS'					=>	'Posts required for this rank',
	'REAUTH'						=>	'Re-Authenticate',
	'REAUTH_ERROR'					=>	'There was an error in re-authenticating your account. Please try again.',
	'REAUTH_EXPLAIN'				=>	'Please re-enter your account\'s password to gain access to the administrator control panel',
	'REGISTRATION_OPTIONS'			=>	'Registration Options',
	'REPLACEMENT'					=>	'Replacement',
	'REQUIRE_CAPTCHA'				=>	'Require CAPTCHA?',
	'RESYNC'						=>	'Resync',
	'RUN_NOW'						=>	'Run Now',
	'SELECT_USER'					=>	'Select User',
	'SETTINGS'						=>	'Settings',
	'SHOW_BOARD_LOGO'				=>	'Show Board Logo',
	'SHOW_FORUM_RULES'				=>	'Show Forum Rules',
	'SHOW_MENU'						=>	'Show In Menu',
'SHOW_MODERATORS'=>'Show Moderators',
	'SHOW_ON_LEGEND' 				=>	'Show On legend',
'SMILEY_IMAGE'=>'Smiley Image',
'SMILEY_TEXT'=>'Smiley Text',
	'SPECIAL_RANKS'					=>	'Special Ranks',
	'SQL_VERSION'					=>	'SQL Version',
	'SQUARES'						=>	'Squares',
	'STICKY_TOPIC'					=>	'Make normal topics stickies',
	'STYLES_NOT_INSTALLED'			=>	'Styles Not Installed',
	'STYLE_AND_LANGUAGE'			=>	'Styles & Language',
	'STYLE_NAME'					=>	'Style Name',
'SUBMIT_CHANGES'=>'Submit Changes',
	'SUCCESSFUL_REAUTH'				=>	'Thank you, you successfully re-authenticated your account. <a href="../admin">Click here to proceed.</a>',
	'TASK_DESCRIPTION'				=>	'Task Description',
	'TASK_FILE'						=>	'Task File',
	'TASK_MANAGER'					=>	'Task Manager',
	'TASK_NAME'						=>	'Task Name',
	'TEMP'							=>	'Temporary For Alpha',
	'TEXT'							=>	'Text',
	'TOPICS_PER_PAGE'				=>	'Topics Per Page',
	'TYPE'							=>	'Type',
	'UNINSTALL'						=>	'Uninstall',
	'UNLOCK_TOPIC'					=>	'Unlock topics',
	'UNSET'							=>	'Undecided',	
	'UPDATE'						=>	'Update',
	'UPDATE_ADMIN_NOTES'			=>	'Update Admin Notes',
	'UPDATE_BAD_WORD'				=>	'Update Bad Word',
'UPDATE_CENSOR'=>'Update Censor',
'UPDATE_FORUM'=>'Update Forum',
'UPDATE_GROUP'=>'Update Group',
	'UPDATE_INFRACTION'				=>	'Update Infraction',
	'UPDATE_PERMS'					=>	'Update Permissions',
	'UPDATE_RANK'					=>	'Update Rank',
	'UPDATE_TASK'					=>	'Update Task',
	'USERS'							=>	'Users',
	'USERS_AND_GROUPS'				=>	'Users & Groups',
	'USER_BANS'						=>	'User Bans',
	'VALUE'							=>	'Value',
	'VERSION_INFORMATION'			=>	'Version Information',
	'VIEW_ADMIN_LOGS'				=>	'View Admin Logs',
	'VIEW_ERROR_LOGS'				=>	'View Error Logs',
	'VIEW_GROUP_MEMBERS'			=>	'View Group Members',
	'VIEW_HIDDEN_POSTS'				=>	'View Hidden Posts',
	'VIEW_HIDDEN_TOPICS'			=>	'View Unapproved Topics',
'VIEW_MEMBERS'=>'View Members',
	'VIEW_MOD_LOGS'					=>	'View Moderator Logs',
	'VIEW_PERM'						=>	'View Permissions',
'VIEW_REPORTED_POSTS'=>'View Reported Posts',
	'VIEW_UNAPPROVED_POSTS'			=>	'View Unapproved Posts',
	'VIEW_UNAPPROVED_TOPICS'		=>	'View Unapproved Topics',
'VIEW_WARNINGS'=>'View Warnings',
	'VOTE_POLL'						=>	'Vote In Polls',
	'WARNING_LEVEL_TITLE'			=>	'Warning Level %d',
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